Thursday, August 18, 2022

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Brooklyn Woman’s Pet Cat Killed in Vicious Attack from Cruel Family on Walk

A Thai chef is grieving over the loss of her cat as a result of a vicious attack by a family in Brooklyn.

LOOK: Aga Muhlach’s daughter Atasha is all grown up in magazine cover

Atasha Muhlach, the daughter of Aga Muhlach and Charlene Gonzalez, wowed netizens as she posed as the cover girl for the latest issue of fashion magazine Metro.Style.

Moron of the Day: Man Fakes Kidnapping To Get Out Of Work

Arizona police said a man who claimed he had been kidnapped later confessed during an interview that he made up the story up to avoid work.

Lady Gaga’s French bulldogs recovered after being stolen during shooting

Lady Gaga's dogs recovered, but mystery only deepens about the violent theft.

Research shows promising development in hunt for HIV vaccine

Though they've shown success, the trials are still in the very early stages.

2 hikers die in apparent 100-foot fall from icy cliff in Acadia National Park

The bodies of two hikers who died in an apparent 100-foot fall from an icy mountain cliff in Maine's Acadia National Park were located and recovered after an air and ground search was launched when they were reported missing by relatives.

Perfectly Captured Animal Moments Get Turned Into Hilarious Sculptures By Japanese Artist (31 PICS)

Japanese artist Meetissai has your answer. Specializing in those awkward animal fails, the sculptor makes tiny figurines from viral internet moments that you are sure to recognize.

Police hunt man with a swastika on forehead who attacked a mother and her...

Authorities say the man yelled racial obscenities during the ‘cowardly and random attack’

How Steven Yeun is Creating a More Authentic, Representation of Asian Americans in Hollywood

While Steven Yeun is best known for his role as Glenn Rhee in ‘The Walking Dead,’ it’s now abundantly clear that the role was merely the beginning of an illustrious career.

Cop-turned-lawyer, 65, is sentenced to 15 years in federal prison after scamming $1.5million out...

Jamie Balagia, known as the "DWI Dude," was sentenced to almost 16 years in prison for his involvement in a scam that ripped off Colombian drug traffickers of $1.5 million.

German police say grenade-shaped item in forest was sex toy

The discovery of forgotten or hidden munitions is still a regular occurrence in Germany more than 75 years after the end of World War II. This time, the grenade was a dud - it turned out to be a sex toy.

19-Year-Old Daughter of Michael Lewis and Tabitha Soren Killed in Calif. Car Crash: ‘Our...

Dixie Lewis was killed alongside Ross Schultz in a head-on car collision near Truckee, California, on Tuesday, according to her family.

Ex-US priest on trial in East Timor on sex abuse charges

A defrocked American priest went on trial Tuesday to face charges he sexually abused young girls at his shelter for orphans and children from impoverished families in East Timor.

This study shows new way to effectively prevent Alzheimer’s disease

In a recent study at the International Center for Biomedicine, researchers developed an integrated method for the effective prevention of Alzheimer’s disease.