Saturday, August 13, 2022

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Moment Utah woman who did not know she was pregnant gives birth on flight...

A Utah woman had the surprise of her life on a flight from Salt Lake City to Honolulu, when she suddenly went into labor and gave birth - without even knowing she was pregnant.

A mom just reunited with her 10-year-old daughter in Texas after six years apart....

We all know the number of migrant children in US custody is growing. But beyond the daily statistics released by the government and a heated political battle that shows no sign of slowing, there are thousands of stories we're only just beginning to hear.

Milwaukee woman set husband on fire because she believed that he poisoned her chicken...

A 29-year-old Milwaukee woman is accused of setting her husband on fire as he slept.

Licking Ice Cream That Others Might Buy in a Store is Now a Crime...

Licking ice cream that other people might buy from a shop is now a crime in Arizona, following Governor Doug Ducey's signing of a new anti-tampering law.

Magawa the hero rat retires from job detecting landmines

African pouched rat Magawa, the hero rat retires from job detecting landmines.

Wildlife hospital rescuers SHOCKED that the EXOTIC-LOOKING BRIGHT ORANGE bird they saved was actually...

An exotic-looking bright orange bird was rescued by a wildlife hospital after people saw him on the side of a highway.

Nearly 5,000 sea turtles rescued from freezing waters on Texas island

Paralyzed by frigid water around South Padre Island, sea turtles washed up on beaches by the hundreds, where volunteers rallied to save them—all without power or heat.

Hundreds of people are volunteering to escort elderly Asian Americans to help keep them...

A recent surge in attacks on older Asian Americans in the Bay Area has heightened concerns among activist and leaders in the community.

Something Invisible Is Tearing Apart The Nearest Star Cluster to Earth

A relic of the of the Milky Way galaxy's formation called "dark matter sub-halos" may have collided and disrupted the closest star cluster to Earth, Hyades.

61-year-old Asian man in critical condition after brutal assault caught on video

The Asian man was struck to the ground and kicked in the head, police said.

Ticks that cause Lyme disease as plentiful near beaches as in the woods

Enjoy the outdoors & this beautiful spring, but please check for ticks!!

4 killed when family’s car plunges into Alabama lake

Four people were killed Saturday after a family’s vehicle left the interstate and plunged into Logan Martin Lake, reported.

Elon Musk will host Saturday Night Live with musical guest Miley Cyrus… as fans...

Live from New York, it's ... Elon Musk? In one of the more surprising announcements in the recent history of "Saturday Night Live," the NBC variety show said Saturday that its next host will be Musk, the eccentric CEO of Tesla and one of the richest people on the planet.

More than 200 firefighters battle massive recycling yard fire in Phoenix

On Saturday, more than 200 firefighters, representing 10 agencies worked to fight the fire in southwest Phoenix.

San Diego man meets the woman who received his mom’s heart

Easter weekend is an emotional period for Jake Keli’inoi because it’s a time when he lost his mother, but also a time when his mom saved lives.