Monday, August 15, 2022

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Tulsa Police Searching For Stolen Unmarked Patrol Car

Tulsa Police Searching For Stolen Unmarked 2020 black Ford Escape patrol car that has a paper tag.

Bride widowed on wedding day after groom killed by guest

A YOUNG bride who was widowed on her wedding day when her groom was shot dead by two of her guests cried "how will I live without you?".

Tina Turner’s health battles from cancer to PTSD amid life of abuse as she...

By Nika Shakhnazarova / newsbreak Though she's enjoyed a glittering career on stage, Tina Turner 's personal life has been plagued by ill health. The What's Love...

Popeyes releases Cajun Flounder Sandwich, its first fish sandwich ever

Popeyes has recently released their new Cajun Flounder Sandwich, featuring a crispy flounder fish fillet that is topped in a panko breading (with Cajun spices!) as well as some Pickles and Tartar sauce. How good is this fish sandwich

Mollie Tibbetts murder suspect Cristhian Rivera ‘thought she was hot and circled jogger in...

Nearly three years after the body of 20-year-old Mollie Tibbetts was found in a cornfield, prosecutors delivered opening statements in an Iowa courtroom Wednesday accusing a farmworker of following her on a run, fatally stabbing her, putting her in his vehicle's trunk and then hiding her body.

Vulnerable Polar Bears Are Mating With Grizzly Bears To Create Hybrid Animals, Known As...

A hybrid animal that’s a mix of polar bear and grizzly bear has been created in the wake of the ongoing global warming crisis.

The Buddy Holly Story actor Paul Mooney dies at 79: The comedian who worked...

Comedian Paul Mooney has passed away at the age of 79, it was revealed on Wednesday.

Samsung’s Lee Family To Pay More Than 12 Trillion Won Inheritance Taxes

The Lee family's handling of the hefty inheritance tax bill - one of the largest ever in both Korea and globally - had been closely watched as it could have resulted in the dilution of the family's controlling stake in Samsung.

A Los Angeles dentist has charged with sexual assaults on patients

A Los Angeles dentist has been charged with sexually abusing nine women while they were undergoing procedures.

Florida Mom Who Worked in Hotel Found Beaten to Death in Room She Cleaned,...

Tina Strader, 46, of Venice, was found brutally slain in a hotel closet

1 dead after car crashes into a senior rehabilitation center in Bucks County, Pennsylvania

One person was killed in a crash outside a senior rehabilitation center in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

Good of the Hive: This Muralist Is on a Quest to Paint 50,000 Honeybees...

Like many artists, Matthew Willey had longed to meet his muse. He had no idea she would fly in through his apartment window. The bee that buzzed into his room in late spring, 2008 so entranced the New York-based muralist that he embarked on a mission to highlight growing threats to pollinators by hand-painting 50,000 individual bees on buildings around the world.

‘The current of the river makes it very hard to navigate, even for the...

The search continued Friday for two tubers on the Dan River who were reported missing Thursday afternoon. Three bodies were recovered from the Dan River Thursday evening in North Carolina, but two remain missing.

Terrifying new species of venomous spider is discovered in Miami that looks like a...

A terrifying new tarantula-like spider species that uses a trapdoor to hunt prey has been discovered - and it lives for decades.

Zoo Kept Quiet For Days After THREE Leopards Escaped. One Big cat Is STILL...

A Chinese zoo is under scrutiny for keeping the escape of three leopards from a big cat enclosure under wraps.