Saturday, August 13, 2022

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Former ‘The Talk’ Host Holly Robinson Peete Says Sharon Osbourne Complained She Was Too...

Holly Robinson Peete slammed her former "The Talk" co-host, Sharon Osbourne, on Twitter on Friday, claiming that Osbourne was part of the reason she got axed from the show in 2011.

Boulder gunman Ahmad Alissa, 21, is charged with ten counts of murder at grocery...

The gunman responsible for a mass shooting at a Colorado grocery store on Monday has been identified as 21-year-old Ahmad Alissa.

Two-thirds Of Louisianans Surveyed Say They Support Legalizing Marijuana

Is Marijuana Legalization Inevitable In The US?

Friends: How Much The Cast STILL Gets Paid

Thanks to royalties and syndication deals, the main cast of Friends is still making a large amount of money — here's a breakdown of how much.

Sinead O’Connor Details Alleged Prince Abuse: Claims Prince ‘Tried To Beat Her Up And...

Sinead O’Connor and Prince had a checkered history despite the latter penning the former’s biggest hit, at least according to O’Connor. Some time ago, O’Connor alluded to some problematic behavior, said that they didn’t get along, and promised that she’d reveal all in her memoir that was years in the making.

Cows Are Being Fitted With VR Goggles to Increase Milk Production?

Some claim these VR headsets are expected to help the cows relax by offering them sun-filled summer views of green pastures.

Sea turtle was trying to nest on beach – until Alabama teens poured alcohol...

Coastal Alabama police say they arrested a group of teens after they poured alcohol on a turtle that was trying to nest on the beach. Officers arrested...

Bones dating back to ice age found in Las Vegas backyard

The animal bones were discovered during the construction of a pool and are between 6,000 and 14,000 years old. LAS VEGAS — A couple in Las Vegas said they will have to wait to continue building their pool after construction crews unearthed a set of bones dating back to Earth's most recent ice age.

FAMILY FEUD: Mariah Carey hit with defamation lawsuit by estranged brother who claims the...

Mariah Carey’s brother has revealed he's filing a multi-million dollar lawsuit against his sister, claiming her recent autobiography is “laden with lies."

Toys R Us has a new owner that’s planning to open stores again in...

Toys “R” Us, once the industry leader of toy retailers, is slated to make a comeback in the U.S. under new ownership four years after it declared bankruptcy and went on to close its American locations.

Apparently ‘Modern Family’ Star Nolan Gould Got Super Ripped—And The Internet Is Thirsty AF

Nolan Gould was just 10 years old when he hit screens playing Luke, the adorable but not-so-bright youngest child of the Dunphy family in the Modern Family pilot back in 2009. Now 22, Gould posted a recent photo shoot on Instagram and he looks a world away from the curly haired little kid he used to be on the show.

35 Republicans defy Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell and vote with ALL House Democrats...

The House on Wednesday voted 252-175 to create an independent commission to investigate the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol, but the bill faces a different landscape in the Senate, where it needs at least 10 Republicans and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell opposes it.

Las Vegas officials hold pop-up vaccine clinic at strip club

Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club, with a spinning disco ball casting rainbow colors on the walls but more lights turned on than usual, was an unconventional site for a walk-in vaccination clinic. But as government officials and health workers try to address the slowing demand for COVID-19 vaccines, they’re increasingly turning to creative ways to incentivize people to show up and get a shot.

7-Year-Old Pug Dexter Gets Extravagant Funeral For Being A Good Boy

Dexter Beville, a 7-year-old pug from Allentown who died April 27 from an apparent illness, received an over-the-top funeral this week according to a Facebook post from his owner that’s gone viral with 40,000 likes and 71,000 shares.

Storm causes structure over Aztec ruins to collapse in Mexico City

A military safeguards the damage area of an archaeological center due the rains and hail that caused collapse of the roof installed in an area in the archaeological zone of the Templo Mayor, one of the most important buildings of the ceremonial complex of the Aztec culture.