Monday, January 24, 2022

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Spiders in Australia have covered the countryside in webs, blanket Gippsland after Victorian floods

Flooded roads and paddocks disrupt local spiders which seek higher ground on road signs, trees and any tall grass they can find.

Florida man allegedly paid acquaintance $100 to slash his girlfriend’s face with knife

A Florida man allegedly paid an associate $100 to attack his girlfriend with a knife, leaving her severely injured, then visited her hospital bed, according to court documents.

She came to the U.S. with only $300 and worked housekeeping jobs to pay...

Diana Trujillo: From Colombia to Mars The Colombia-born NASA aerospace engineer shares her journey as an immigrant and how it influences her work.

12-year-old little miss arsonist suspected of setting four separate fires in the Berkeley Hills...

A 12-year-old girl has been arrested on suspicion of setting four fires in the Berkeley hills on Friday, Berkeley police said.

WANDAVISION Episodes Get Retro Pop Culture Posters

Artist Butcher Billy of Curitiba, Brazil is responsible for some of our favorite fan-made works. His episodic retro posters for The Mandalorian should hang in a museum. Now he’s back with another stellar collection celebrating one of our favorite shows. He’s created a line of retro posters for WandaVision, and just like the show itself, they are funny, moving, tragic, and pay tribute to pop culture’s past.

Couple starts Facebook page that helps thousands of older people get COVID-19 vaccinations

Not every senior has the resources to book appointments online. And with high demand, it’s likely they won’t get an appointment the first time they call a hotline. After continuing to see reports of the frustrations seniors were having, 44-year-old Broward Health nurse, Katherine Quirk and her 42-year-old fiancé, Russ Schwartz, felt like they needed to help.

The 2021 Rose Parade Is Canceled For The First Time In 75 Years

You have to "love" the "new normal"; for good or ill, some things will be irrevocably changed - some of them permanent, some temporary. It seems that in 75 years since the last time it happened, the upcoming 132nd Rose Parade that is usually held in Pasadena will not take place on Jan. 1, 2021.

Fox News Anchor Is Diagnosed with Colon Cancer After Her Screening Was Canceled 3...

Lindy Thackston's scheduled colonoscopies were postponed three times amid COVID-19

The Eternals trailer: Angelina Jolie stands out with blonde hair as Salma Hayek explains...

The first full-length trailer and poster for the Marvel Entertainment movie The Eternals was shared on Monday morning.

Mother arrested for attempted murder after allegedly slashing 3-year-old daughter’s neck with scissors

A Maryland mother allegedly slashed her 3-year-old daughter’s neck with a pair of scissors — then turned the blade on herself, police said.

Biden’s dog Major bites ANOTHER government employee on White House grounds while out for...

President Joe Biden's dog Major has bitten another employee at the White House, according to reports.

A funeral home worker in Maine has been charged with stealing a wedding ring...

Two days after her mother passed away, Sally Wood called the funeral home in Alfred, to pick up her mother's jewelry. However, she was only given two of five rings.

Man who killed his mother arrested in brutal attack on Asian woman in NYC

A homeless man on lifetime parole after serving time for killing his mother has been arrested in the brutal attack Monday on a 65-year-old Asian woman in midtown Manhattan. Police say Brandon Elliot, 38, was apprehended in a hotel where he was staying that's being used as a homeless shelter. It's near the site of the attack.

Disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong’s son, 21, is arrested and accused of sexually assaulting a...

Luke Armstrong, the son of cyclist Lance Armstrong, faces a sexual assault charge in Austin. According to police reports, Armstrong assaulted a 16-year-old girl.

Girl Scout cookies take flight in Virginia drone deliveries

Girl Scout cookies are now dropping out of the sky with this new technology.