Thursday, August 11, 2022

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Police update after Brazilian boy, 15, found dead inside freezer at grandma’s home

Tragic teen Jose Eduardo Rosa was found dead inside the freezer at his grandmother’s property in Campo Grande on 11 January.

“The mistake happened, but you know, when the mistake happens, you just correct it...

It was never Bobby Read’s intention to buy the Brooksville water tower. But for a brief period, due to a paperwork error, he was the owner.

Woman receives hundreds of Amazon packages at her doorstep that she never ordered

The boxes delivered to Jillian Cannan's home by the truckload contained silicone support frames for face masks.

Police search for former Michigan State basketball star, Keith Appling in connection with...

Detroit police named a former Michigan State University basketball star as the suspect in a deadly shooting late Saturday.

‘You’re a coward’: Three girls, including one in a wheelchair, are killed and another...

Three young girls — one of them in a wheelchair — were killed and another left fighting for her life after they were struck in a hit-and-run crash in California by a cowardly driver who fled the scene after checking on the victims.

Scientists Accidentally Discover Strange Creatures Under a Half Mile of Ice

Researchers only drilled through an Antarctic ice shelf to sample sediment. Instead, they found animals that weren't supposed to be there.

Florida man drags pedestrian with car, hides body behind bait shop, claims he hit...

Joseph Charles Strickland of Weeki Wachee is facing several charges after hitting and killing a pedestrian, dumping the remains, and fleeing the scene, according to the Florida Highway Patrol.

ET? Cruise missile? American Airlines pilot reportedly sees flying object directly over plane

An American Airlines pilot reported seeing "a long, cylindrical object" come startlingly close to the aircraft as it was flying over New Mexico. The strange incident, which happened Sunday during a flight from Kentucky to Phoenix, is being looked into by the FBI, the agency said in a statement.

“She’s everything to me and it’s been dreadful, it’s been very painful.”; Florida dog...

Owners of a small injured chihuahua are saying it was the groomer who was responsible.

PURE EVIL: Armed robbers who gang-raped woman at gunpoint in front of her two...

TWO armed robbers have been sentenced to death for the gang rape of a woman in front her two terrified children.

3 Honolulu police officers charged in murder of 16-year-old despite not being indicted

The charges come after a grand jury last week declined to indict the same three officers in the shooting that killed Iremamber Sykap on April 5.

Parrots Will Share Currency to Help Their Pals Purchase Food

Animals often share food, but these birds understand that metal rings can be exchanged for treats, and they share the rings with no promise of reward

This Turkish Language Isn’t Spoken, It’s Whistled

In a remote mountain village high above Turkey's Black Sea coast, there are villagers who still communicate across valleys by whistling. Not just whistling as in a non-verbal, "Hey, you!" But actually using what they call their "bird language," Turkish words expressed as a series of piercing whistles.

How modern life is making men infertile

A new study reveals how an alarming decline in sperm quality and numbers could threaten the future of the human race.

Husband of Rochester Mayor is charged in drug trafficking probe after cops find large...

Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren's husband has been charged as part of a seven-month narcotics ring investigation after police seized $60,000 worth of cocaine, $100,000 in cash, three firearms and a rifle in raids on the mayor's home and six other properties.