Thursday, August 18, 2022

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Two are killed and 23 are hospitalized as boat ‘smuggling illegal immigrants from Mexico’...

Two people were killed and nearly two dozen others were hospitalized after a boat that was believed to have been used to smuggle illegal immigrants into the United States capsized Sunday just off the San Diego coast, authorities said.

Chicago releases video of 13-year-old Adam Toledo put his hands up before cop shoots...

Shaky and grainy body camera footage shows 13-year-old Adam Toledo's hands were up when officer Eric Stillman fatally shot him. "The officer said, ‘Show me your hands.’ He complied. He turned around," an attorney for Toledo's family said.

Chicago man charged with attempted murder after police say he drove his truck into...

A Chicago man was charged with attempted murder after allegedly driving his car into a picnic, according to police. Witnesses said the man also made anti-Asian comments during the incident, according to local news outlets.

Hollywood star Steven Seagal, 69, joins pro-Putin political party five years after getting Russian...

The Hollywood actor Steven Seagal, a long-time admirer of Russian president Vladimir Putin, has joined a pro-Kremlin party, the party said on Sunday.

Wallet lost in Antarctica turns up in California 53 years later

Paul Grisham forgot he lost it until rediscovery during demolition work at McMurdo base.

Porsche driver filmed and taunted 4 police officers as they lay dying on the...

Porsche driver taunted four police officers as they lay dying on highway at crash scene.

New research reveals how long it takes for cannabis impairment to subside

New research has shown for the first time how long cannabis users are likely to be impaired and when it may be safe for them to drive.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 3 Official Title Revealed

Tom Holland reveals reveals real Spider-Man 3 title via his Instagram account.

“I let my emotions get the better of me”: DRUNK ‘Arrow’ star Stephen Amell...

Stephen Amell was forcibly removed from a flight in Texas -- this after allegedly screaming at his wife in front of a plane full of passengers.

A Philadelphia woman who said she was pistol-whipped during a domestic dispute turned house...

A Philadelphia woman who said she was pistol-whipped during a domestic dispute turned house fire claims she had to rescue herself and her grandmother when officers refused to go inside.

Alleged stalker who left candy outside woman’s home arrested after shooting her husband, attempting...

An Oklahoma man was arrested Friday after allegedly stalking a woman for over a month, then shooting her husband and attempting to kidnap her from her home.

Girl Scout cookies take flight in Virginia drone deliveries

Girl Scout cookies are now dropping out of the sky with this new technology.

Be kind: 12-year-old helps more than 1,600 people get vaccines after building a website...

When 12-year-old Sam Keusch saw his dad help his grandparents and neighbors book vaccine appointments, he realized it might be hard for others to find appointments online. So, the tech-savvy preteen built his own website to help New Yorkers get appointments.

Prices at Trump’s NYC buildings have plunged in the latest sign that his name...

According to a new analysis, Donald Trump's properties in New York have lost about half their value since he was elected president, as fewer groups are willing to risk being associated with his toxic personality.

‘It all happened so fast’: Daily Herald vice president dies after saving his sons...

Pete Rosengren, vice president of sales and digital strategy for Daily Herald, died Sunday while trying to rescue two children from drowning in a Florida beach.