Thursday, August 11, 2022

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7-Year-Old Pug Dexter Gets Extravagant Funeral For Being A Good Boy

Dexter Beville, a 7-year-old pug from Allentown who died April 27 from an apparent illness, received an over-the-top funeral this week according to a Facebook post from his owner that’s gone viral with 40,000 likes and 71,000 shares.

Natasha Richardson’s Son Micheál Shares His One Wish 12 Years After Her Tragic Death

In a new interview, Micheál Richardson, the son of Liam Neeson and Natasha Richardson, revealed the types of conversations he wishes he could have with his late mother.

Busted: $94K worth of cocaine hidden in woman’s body, bra at JFK Airport

Customs agents say a woman arriving from the Dominican Republic had stuffed pellets of cocaine inside her bra.

‘Godzilla’ shark discovered in New Mexico gets formal name

Paleontologists say they have given a more formal name to the ancient shark fossil dubbed “Godzilla Shark” after it was discovered in New Mexico in 2013.

Who Wants To Be A Billionaire? $1 Billion Winning Lottery Ticket Sold In Michigan

By: Matthew S. Scwartz / A patron, who did not want to give his name, uses the lottery ticket vending kiosk at a Smoker...

What is THAT? Terrifying ‘ghost bird’ with freakishly big eyes and humongous mouth spooks...

This is the moment a bizarre-looking rare bird gave a woman a fright when she stumbled upon it sitting on a wooden post in Colombia. The unnamed woman initially thought the bird was part of the post, before realizing it was an elusive great Potoo, or Ghost Bird.

Christopher Walken has never owned a computer, nor cellphone, nor even sent an email

It's not often in this day and age where we come across people - especially in the urban "jungle" - that haven't even touched...

Boy unhurt after taking ride on airport conveyor belt system

Minnesota Public Radio obtained security footage of a 9-year-old boy getting into a conveyor belt baggage system Saturday afternoon at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport.

A BIG ROAR: Shock moment huge elephant charges at man who took his toddler...

A SHOCKING moment was caught on video as a huge elephant charges at a man who took his toddler daughter inside an enclosure at the San Diego zoo.

Distracted nurse gives woman 6 doses of COVID vaccine in a single shot

A 23-year-old Italian woman who was mistakenly given six doses of the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine all at once.

Florida Man as ‘Pine Cone the Squirrel’, Sent Facebook Messages That He Was Planning...

A man who scrawled racial slurs against Asians on a Florida family’s vehicles and placed nails in their driveway could get up to 30 years in prison after he was convicted this week of hate crimes.

A Black man enslaved by his white boss for 5 years should be given...

A Black man enslaved by his white boss for 5 years should be given $546,000 in compensation, a court ruled

Bernie Madoff, mastermind of vast Ponzi scheme, dies in federal prison at age 82

Madoff was arrested in December 2008 for swindling thousands of clients out of close to $65 billion

Ancient coins may solve mystery of murderous 1600s pirate

A handful of coins unearthed from a pick-your-own-fruit orchard in rural Rhode Island and other random corners of New England may help solve one of the planet’s oldest cold cases.

NYPD: Naked Brooklyn Mom Throws 4-Week-Old Daughter, 2-Year-Old Son Out Of Second-Floor Window Before...

Police say a mother threw her two young children, including a newborn, out of a second-story window in Brooklyn on Saturday morning.