Thursday, August 11, 2022

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Indiana boy, 14, arrested after missing girl, 6, is found dead in a wooded...

Homicide detectives have arrested a 14-year-old suspect in the girl's death.

Japan has officially launched a UFO research lab in Fukushima with aims to solve...

The International UFO Lab, which claims to be Japan's only research institute for unidentified flying objects, was established in this city on June 24, World UFO Day.

Nearly 2,000 New Yorkers have signed up to voluntarily escort Asian Americans to their...

About 1,800 New Yorkers are volunteering with SafeWalks to escort Asian Americans from a public area. The volunteers signed up in response to a surge in anti-Asian violence across both New York and the US.

Oscar-winning ‘Moonstruck’ and ‘Steel Magnolias’ actress Olympia Dukakis dies aged 89 after ‘months of...

Award-winning American actress Olympia Dukakis - who acted in over 130 stage productions, over 60 films, and in 50 television series - passed away today

Five suspects are charged with manslaughter after they ‘beat man, 38, and dumped him...

A New Jersey man was killed outside the strip club made famous by “The Sopranos” in an attack that saw him get brutally beaten, struck by a car and dragged several hundred feet, cops said.

Lady Gaga’s Two Dogs Recovered After Being Kidnapped

Lady Gaga's two French bulldogs, which were stolen by thieves who shot and wounded the dogwalker, were recovered unharmed Friday, Los Angeles police said.

USPS worker is savagely beaten by two women ‘trying to get stimulus checks’ outside...

Video footage from Flint, Michigan shows multiple black women attacking a white postal worker as an onlooker recounts “They tryna get that stimulus... they done hit this mail lady’s car and hopped out."

533 million Facebook users were hacked; find out if you were one of them

More than 533 million Facebook users were hacked and their private data released to a hacking forum, multiple reports indicate.

Armed man, 44, is arrested after suspected explosive devices are found in his car...

Man with body armor, guns, possible explosives arrested at University of Kentucky hospital.

A man wrongfully convicted of murder sues a rental car company for not providing...

A Michigan man was recently exonerated of murder, a charge for which he spent nearly five years in prison. Now, he's suing a rental car company for not providing records that, his lawyers say, would've exonerated him earlier.

Japanese lawmaker says being LGBT goes against preservation of species

A lawmaker of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party said being lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender goes against the preservation of the species at a party meeting on Thursday, participants said Friday.

Disney to update ‘horrifyingly racist’ jungle cruise ride

A ride that has long been criticized as racist and problematic is finally getting a makeover to remove what the company now admits negative depictions of certain cultures.

‘It’s pretty metal,’ says man who turned his uncle’s skeleton into a guitar

The surprising story of one metal fan's quest to have his uncle “shred for all eternity”

Mark Wahlberg and brother Donnie announce the passing of their mother Alma at age...

By Tomás Mier "My angel. Rest in peace." With that caption and a joyful picture of his mom, Mark Wahlberg announced the death of his mother...

Moron of the Day: Man Fakes Kidnapping To Get Out Of Work

Arizona police said a man who claimed he had been kidnapped later confessed during an interview that he made up the story up to avoid work.