Monday, August 15, 2022

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A fish species once thought extinct may actually be thriving

Once known only from fossils, the coelacanth was thought to have gone extinct around 65 million years ago in the late cretaceous, during the great extinction that wiped out the dinosaurs. Fossils of these creatures dated from 80 to 360 million years ago, and yet in 1938, one was found off the coast of South Africa alive. A fish almost entirely unchanged since the days of dinosaurs.

Cardiff cyclist confronts moronic driver who sexually harassed her

A cyclist who confronted a man after he shouted lewd comments out of his car at her has spoken of the barrage of daily harassment faced by women.

Police Had Mistaken A Man’s Penis As a Deadly Weapon During Body Search

'Is that a gun in your pocket or...' Excruciating video shows policeman mistaking man's penis for a deadly weapon during body search

Archaeologists identify 3,200-year-old temple mural of spider god in Peru

Mural discovered last year is thought to depict a zoomorphic, knife-wielding spider god associated with rain and fertility.

Daniel Matarazzo’s version of Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious is going viral – in the bes

Currently, we're living in some "dire times" - what with the novel coronavirus aka COVID-19 which is currently the 21st century equivalen...

Gunman opens fire at Florida supermarket killing grandmother and her one-year-old grandson: Killer had...

His ex-wife's sister said they tried to get him help, but to no avail. Then on Thursday, he shot a woman, her 1-year-old grandson and then himself.

Chris Rock Tells the Heartbreaking Story of the Last Time He Saw Chris Farley

“I leave, I see him out the window, and I was like, ‘That’s probably the last time I’m going to see him.’ I knew.”

Scientists Discover Chunk of Protoplanet Older Than Earth In Sahara Desert

No other known object has characteristics similar to EC 002, an ancient meteorite found in an Algerian dune sea last year.

Las Vegas mother sues midwives after baby dies during home birth

Mother sues midwives after baby dies during home birth.

A Swedish Ex-model ditched her NYC restaurateur hubby of 20 yrs — for her...

Identical Twin Is All Set To Marry Her Sister's Husband, Leaving Her And Her Own Husband Heartbroken

9-ton rock full of dinosaur bones still yielding fossils

The fossils were discovered in the Cedar Mountain formation of Arches National Park in Moab by the department. Possibly a dozen to two dozen Utahraptor and iguanodon skeletons will be discovered in the encasement.

Burglar breaks into California home, swims naked in pool, kills family pets before coming...

A homeowner confronted a naked man after he broke into his family’s Bel Air home and killed their pet birds.

Former ‘The Talk’ Host Holly Robinson Peete Says Sharon Osbourne Complained She Was Too...

Holly Robinson Peete slammed her former "The Talk" co-host, Sharon Osbourne, on Twitter on Friday, claiming that Osbourne was part of the reason she got axed from the show in 2011.

Australia hit by ‘biblical’ rodent plague: Millions of mice and rats invade rural towns...

'You can't escape the smell': mouse plague grows to biblical proportions across eastern Australia.

3,000 eggs abandoned after drone scares birds in California

Some 3,000 elegant tern eggs were abandoned at a Southern California nesting island after a drone crashed and scared off the birds, a newspaper reported Friday.