Wednesday, August 10, 2022

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The Terrifying Danger Of Wearing Makeup In North Korea

The North Korean millennials wearing makeup to rebel against the state.

Watch Kellyanne Conway’s Awkward 1998 Stand-Up Routine

Long before she was one of Donald Trump‘s top spin masters, Kellyanne Conway was a burgeoning pollster and pundit – and, as a recently unearthed video shows, a one-time fumbling stand-up comedian.

China’s crazy wandering elephants that went off the reservation and into a city are...

A herd of 15 strayed from a nature reserve in southwest China and they've now reached the outskirts of the major city of Kunming. Its being called the longest-distance migration of wild elephants ever recorded in China. Coincidentally, these pack of pachyderms are now hot international stars!

Vertigo star Kim Novak claims she woke up naked after drink spiked by Tony...

One of Hollywood's brightest stars of the 1950s has accused Tony Curtis of spiking her drink at a party in his Beverly Hills home during the height of her fame, leaving her dazed and naked.

House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy apparently pays $1,500 to live in a 12-bedroom, 16-bath...

FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS. House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy pays $1,500 to live in a 12-bedroom, 16-bath penthouse that's worth $4,976 a month.

Woman Arrested After She Disfigured a Man’s Nose While Pretending to Be a Plastic...

A Florida woman who claimed to be a licensed plastic surgeon was arrested Thursday after a man claimed his face was disfigured after she performed nose surgery on him, police said.

Adorable dog named Picasso because of his ‘twisted face’ is saved from certain death...

Adorable dog named Picasso because of his 'twisted face' is saved from certain death at a high-kill shelter - and forms an unlikely friendship with a pot-belly PIG at his new home.

Woman caught without face mask whips off undies to use instead

A woman who was caught without a face covering while shopping in a supermarket was quick to come up with an alternative solution.

Fire breaks out in Texas hotel as sprinkler system fails due to frozen pipes...

A massive blaze erupted in a hotel in Killeen after the building's sprinkler systems failed to work due to frozen pipes.

Feds Seizing My Animals, Violating My Rights!!! Video shows feds hauling animals away from...

Feds seize big cats from Jeff Lowe’s property in Thackerville

Airlines could soon start weighing passengers before flights

Airline passengers may be required to step on the scale at the airport or share how much they weigh before boarding a flight, a new report suggests.

Sophisticated 650-Foot Drugs Tunnel Built By Mexican Drug Lord, El Chapo Discovered In Mexico

The sophisticated tunnel was built by the now-jailed Joaquin Guzman, aka El Chapo. He was found guilty of several charges including trafficking cocaine, heroin and marijuana and engaging in multiple murder conspiracies as a top leader of the Sinaloa Cartel. In 2019, he was sentenced to life plus 30 years.

COVID-19 Vaccine Turns People Gay? Iranian Cleric Spins Wild Conspiracy

Iranian Cleric Spins Wild Conspiracy That The COVID-19 Vaccine Turns People Gay.

Virginia lawmakers vote to legalize marijuana in 2024

Virginia stand poised to become the first Southern state to legalize marijuana.

Man, 21, is arrested after eight people are shot dead and three injured at...

A 21-year-old man has been captured in southwest Georgia, hours after eight people were killed in shootings at three Atlanta-area massage parlors.