Saturday, August 13, 2022

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This Artist Has Amazing Adventures By Photoshopping Disney Characters Into His Photos (25 PICS)

A guy uses Photoshop to make himself have fun adventures with Disney characters, and the result is hilarious

Man, 73, missing for 2 days found in water in NJ marshland

A 73-year-old man missing for two days was found by searchers in several inches of water in a wooded marshland near his New Jersey home and was taken to a medical center for evaluation, authorities said.

Frank Bonner dies at 79: ‘WKRP in Cincinnati’ and ‘Saved by the Bell’ star...

Frank Bonner, who played Herb Tarlek on the sitcom "WKRP in Cincinnati" has died, according to TMZ. He was 79.

Botox nurse, 31, is charged with scamming elderly people with hoax phone calls claiming...

A nurse practitioner specializing in Botox and filler injections in South Florida has been arrested for allegedly running a phone scam that conned the elderly into wiring or mailing tens of thousands of dollars.

Pawtucket man, 24, to serve 6 years in prison for sexually assaulting 13-year-old in...

Rhode Island man sentenced to federal prison for traveling to Canada to have sex with teen.

Woman went blind after having eyeballs tattooed but has ‘no regrets’

A 26-year-old tattoo lover who says she’s often mistaken for a “criminal” because of her inkings revealed her colored eyeballs cost her sight.

Chinese Digital Art Mocks Western Criticism of Labor Conditions in Xinjiang

A digital illustration by a prominent Chinese propaganda artist mocking Western governments, media and businesses critical of labour conditions in Xinjiang has gone viral on China's social media.

Mexico moves to create world’s largest legal cannabis market

"We're taking away this beautiful plant from criminals and putting in the hands of retailers and farmers," said former Mexican President Vicente Fox.

Nine-year-old boy’s shocking wound which required at least TWENTY stitches after shark mauled him...

A nine-year-old boy is recovering in the hospital after being attacked by a shark in waist-deep water off of Miami Beach, leaving him in need of more than 20 stitches to close a gaping wound on his shoulder.

Felix Silla Dies: Cousin Itt On TV’s ‘The ‘Addams Family’ Was 84

Felix Silla, best known as the gibberish-spouting Cousin Itt on the 1960s TV sitcom The Addams Family, died today from pancreatic cancer.

Blood-curdling screams rang out as ‘dementia sufferer, 87, bashed nursing home neighbor, 83, to...

Horrified nursing home staff heard blood-curdling screams as an 87 year-old man with dementia brutally murdered his 83 year-old care home neighbor, it is claimed.

She got $662/month to run a tiny Washington town post office. When asked for...

Just like that, with a one-page notice stuffed into the 95 mailboxes, it was over for the little post office here on the Long Beach Peninsula. There was no mincing words. “ … this office has been terminated . . .”

14-Year-Old N.D. Girl Dies After Stabbing at Strip Mall: ‘This Is a Very Dark...

Daisy "Jupiter" Paulsen died on Tuesday, days after a violent stabbing at a strip mall in Fargo, North Dakota

Bloodhound tracks abducted SIX-YEAR-OLD Tennessee girl to a dilapidated shed with poor ventilation, little...

An abducted 6-year-old girl has been found safe and unharmed, thanks in part to a K-9 named Fred.

‘Tiger King’ star Joe Exotic accepts Carole Baskin’s offer to help him get out...

The 'Tiger King' star agreed to support legislation to end private ownership of big cats