Saturday, August 13, 2022

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A prisoner was ‘covered in filth and barking like a dog’ after 600 days...

Tyquine Lee, 28, spent over 600 days in solitary at Red Onion prison in Virginia from 2016 to 2018.

A boulder-shaped house made from 3D-printed concrete is ready for its first tenants

A Dutch couple have become Europe’s first tenants of a fully 3D printed house the first completed home of five for 'Project Milestone', in suburb of Bosrijk in Eindhoven.

Rebel Wilson performs a high kick as the star shows off her jaw-dropping weight...

Rebel lost 60 lbs. in an incredibly impressive feat. Since then, she has showed off her body transformation by posting photos of her trim physique in workout gear and stylish ensembles. Rebel had documented her 2020 lifestyle overhaul on social media, including her fitness, diet, mindset and motivational secrets

A drugged up idiot was stuck for around 2 days inside giant fan at...

The unsuspecting officer found a man stuck inside the shaft of a vineyard fan, after he "inexplicably" decided to climb into the piece of farm equipment, according to a Sonoma County Sheriff's Office statement.

At least 31 dead and thousands displaced after volcanic eruption in Democratic Republic of...

At least 31 people have died and hundreds of children were feared missing or separated from their families Monday after Mount Nyiragongo erupted in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) over the weekend.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s statue unveiled in her native Brooklyn, N.Y.

The unveiling comes during Women's History Month and just days before Ginsburg would have turned 88.

Cause of Death Found for over 300 Elephants that died in Botswana

The mysterious reason for the deaths of around 330 Elephants that died in Botswana has been finally found. According to several news sources, the cause...

From toilet paper to coffee, here are some of the products that could soon...

The Suez Canal blockage is adding to a host of supply-chain issues. The logjam could affect the availability of numerous imports, including toilet paper and coffee.

1 dead, 2 injured in shooting on Las Vegas strip

A 25-year-old man was arrested after police said he shot two people on the Strip early Sunday, killing one.

A New Species of Cute But Poisonous GLOWING ‘Pumpkin’ Toads Discovered in Brazil

The bright orange amphibian, which shines green under UV light, is different from other pumpkin toadlets due to its appearance and call

Jewish man, 29, brutally beaten near Times Square tells how pro-Palestinian mob shouted ‘Hamas...

A 29-year-old Jewish man was beaten by a group of people in New York City's Times Square on Thursday evening, police said.

Louisiana man indicted for attempted murder of gay man, intended to keep parts of...

A federal indictment details a dark scheme allegedly planned by a Louisiana teen to “kidnap and murder gay men whom he met online.”

Boy, 6, arrested and charged for picking flower from North Carolina lawn

The little boy was forced to go to juvenile court in the US state of North Carolina to face charges of injury to real property after picking the tulip from the area.

Up to 1,000 Christian girls are abducted in Pakistan every year, then forced to...

Farah, a 12-year-old Christian girl, says she was taken from her home in Pakistan last summer, shackled, forced to convert to Islam and made to marry her kidnapper. It's a fate estimated to befall hundreds of young Christian, Hindu and Sikh women and children in the country each year.

Dad bods are preferred by nearly 75% of singles, survey suggests

Put down the weights and pick up a beer, gentlemen – a survey has found that nearly 75% of singles prefer a dad bod.