Thursday, August 11, 2022

Tag: Brown and McCollum opted to file a federal civil rights lawsuit against the government agencies involved in their wrongful convictions

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Taiwan train derails, at least 36 dead, many injured

-A train derailed in a tunnel in eastern Taiwan on Friday after apparently hitting a truck, with at least 36 people feared dead and more than 72 injured, as rescuers struggled to reach crushed carriages, the government said.

California rainfall is at historic lows, water restrictions handed down this week

Data from the U.S drought monitor reveals that over 90% of California is suffering through a moderate drought or worse, and there isn't a lot of help coming from the mountains, with the snow water content across the Sierra running at 60% to 75% percent of average.

Amazon admits its drivers sometimes have to pee in bottles

"Drivers can and do have trouble finding restrooms," Amazon admits.

Mrs. World Gives Up Crown & Speaks Out After Being Arrested for Snatching Tiara...

The reigning Mrs World relinquished her title on April 9, 2021. In a video statement, Caroline Jurie also defended her decision to snatch the crown off the head of this year’s winner of the Mrs Sri Lanka pageant, whom she falsely claimed was a divorcee and therefore ineligible to take part in the contest, saying that she just wanted a “fair stage”.

Two masked gunmen shoot IHOP employees taking a smoke break in Louisiana – killing...

A Baton Rouge IHOP employee is dead and another is injured after two masked gunmen popped out of a stolen vehicle and fired at them before fleeing the scene Tuesday, according to reports.

Man killed by his own knife-wielding rooster during illegal cockfight in India

A rooster fitted with a knife for an illegal cockfight in southern India has killed its owner, sparking a manhunt for the organizers of the event, police said Saturday. The bird had a knife attached to its leg ready to take on an opponent when it inflicted serious injuries to the man's groin as it tried to escape, officers said. The victim died from loss of blood before he could reach a hospital in the Karimnagar district of Telangana state earlier this week.

An accused Capitol rioter who ‘stole gas mask from police officer’ was suffering from...

US Capitol riot defendant Anthony Antonio was hooked on Fox News and developed "Foxitis" and believed the lies about the 2020 election, his lawyer said during a virtual court hearing.

Alabama English teacher, 44, ‘shoots and kills herself’ just two days after she was...

A teacher at R.A. Hubbard High School was found dead this morning, two days after she was arrested on felony charges of having sex with students, the authorities said.

Winners of $20M contest make concrete to trap carbon dioxide

Both winners made concrete that trapped carbon dioxide, keeping it out of the atmosphere, where it can contribute to climate change. Production of cement, concrete’s key ingredient, accounts for 7% of global emissions of the greenhouse gas, said Marcius Extavour, XPRIZE vice president of climate and energy.

‘Desperate’ American husband, 35, is spared jail after smuggling three suitcases of cannabis into...

A 'desperate' American husband has been spared jail after smuggling three suitcases of cannabis into the UK to pay for his pregnant wife's medical care in Texas.

Dad bods are preferred by nearly 75% of singles, survey suggests

Put down the weights and pick up a beer, gentlemen – a survey has found that nearly 75% of singles prefer a dad bod.

Police locate parents of 3-year-old found wandering alone saying he ‘left mommy’s house’

Cops located the parents on Thursday after various attempts were not successful.

Five Georgia officers fired, one on probation, after 60-year-old man’s hanging death while alone...

Five Georgia officers have been fired after a 60-year-old man died by suicide while alone in a police interview room, the department said.

Drug dealer caught after cops figured out his fingerprints from a photo showing him...

A drug dealer’s “love of stilton” has been credited for his downfall after police were able to identify him from a photo of his hands holding a block of cheese.

Herd of 18 Elephants Die When Forest Struck by Lightning

At least 18 wild elephants were found dead atop Bamuni Hills in Assam's Nagaon district today after lightning struck them during the showers in the area last night.