Saturday, August 13, 2022

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U.S. diplomats in China subjected to anal swab testing for Covid-19

U.S. diplomats in China were subjected to anal swab tests for Covid-19, a Department of State spokesperson confirmed Thursday, adding that a protest had been lodged with the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Virus knocks 80% off Atlantic City casino profits in 2020

Casinos are feeling the dry spell because of the 'rona pandemic.

Gal Gadot confirms that Joss Whedon threatened her career and said he would make...

In a new interview with Israeli outlet N12, Gadot confirms that Whedon tried to big-time her with threats. "He kind of threatened my career and said if I did something, he would make my career miserable and I just took care of it instead," Gadot told the outlet.

Louisiana Couple stunned after bank mistakenly deposits $50B into their account

A husband and wife from Louisiana were reportedly stunned after they did a recent check of their balance in their bank account and found a deposit of $50 billion during the weekend.

WILD RIDE: Burglars brazenly steal four Harley-Davidson motorcycles worth $95,000 from dealer and ride...

Surveillance video captured four people rolling out the front door of a Harley-Davidson dealership in Indiana with stolen bikes estimated to be worth over $95,000, police said.

4 gray whales found dead in San Francisco Bay Area in 9 days

At least four gray whales have been found dead in the Bay Area in just over a week, The Marine Mammal Center said Thursday.

Michigan Man Allegedly Attacked 6-Year-Old With A Sledgehammer For Playing In His Front Lawn,...

A Michigan man is accused of opening fire on a 6-year-old boy who left his bicycle in front of the man’s home.

Mystery of couple left behind in shark-infested waters still missing 23 years on; The...

Dying in open water is a very common fear, but how about getting trapped in shark-infested waters with no way to get back to shore?

Aged 118, the world’s oldest living person will carry the Olympic flame in Japan

Kane Tanaka of Japan is a rare supercentenarian, or person above the age of 110 who will be THE oldest torch bearer for the upcoming Olympics in May 2021.

Guy Becomes BFFs with Raccoon and Her Baby

Watch this man befriend his new raccoon friend Larry, and her offspring, Baby Larry.

3-Time Indianapolis 500 Winner Bobby Unser Dead at 87

Bobby Unser, winner of the 1968, 1975 and 1981 Indianapolis 500s, passed away Sunday at the age of 87 at his New Mexico home.

Despite her vow of poverty, retired nun admits to embezzling more than $835,000 from...

Sister Mary Margaret Kreuper used tuition fees and donations to a California Catholic school to subsidize her casino expenses

Derpy TikToker from Michigan required fire department rescue after failed sex fetish stunt gone...

“My whole TikTok is basically sex work and giving sex work advice, specifically online sex work,” she said in the video, “and ‘stuck’ is a fetish category that I’m pretty popular in and done for about nine years now. I was just working, and yeah, it was my job. I was literally just working.”

Nearly 5,000 sea turtles rescued from freezing waters on Texas island

Paralyzed by frigid water around South Padre Island, sea turtles washed up on beaches by the hundreds, where volunteers rallied to save them—all without power or heat.

She came to the U.S. with only $300 and worked housekeeping jobs to pay...

Diana Trujillo: From Colombia to Mars The Colombia-born NASA aerospace engineer shares her journey as an immigrant and how it influences her work.