Thursday, August 11, 2022

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The Central Asian nation of Turkmenistan unveiled a new national holiday – dedicated to...

The Central Asian nation of Turkmenistan unveiled a new national holiday - dedicated to a very special breed of dog known as 'wolf-crushers'.

Alabama woman charged with stealing goat, dying its coat

A woman in southern Alabama is facing felony charges after her neighbors say she stole their goat and dyed its hair.

The most famous female cult leaders in the world

Equality... even in alleged cult leaders. Kinda...

Historic Florida church now a 4-bedroom $1.3 million home

A 1928 church has been renovated into a four bedroom home, complete with a large stained glass window of Jesus.

Two men are charged with assaulting fallen US Capitol cop Brian Sicknick with bear...

U.S. officials have arrested and charged two men with assaulting U.S. Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick with bear spray during the Jan. 6 riot, but they do not know yet whether it caused the officer’s death.

Prosthetic Legs for Elephant Amputees in Northern Thailand

Prosthetic limbs aren’t just for people! In fact, the world’s first elephant hospital is now also the world’s first elephant prosthesis factory, dedicated to treating elephant amputees who have been injured by landmines in Northern Thailand.

House Democrats Pass Bill To Make D.C. The 51st State

House Democrats voted today to make Washington, D.C. the 51st state and grant long-overdue congressional representation to more than 700,000 Washingtonians, the majority of them Black and brown. The bill passed over unanimous Republican opposition.

A Portal to Mars on the Tip of Iceland

A volcano erupting on the island is a living replica of what once happened on Mars.

Pregnant nurse, 23, and her two-year-old son are shot dead by her husband before...

A 23-year-old nurse in her third trimester of pregnancy and her two-year-old son have been shot and killed by her husband in an apparent murder-suicide, police said, after she and her husband got into a verbal argument.

Lisa Marie Presley’s son Benjamin Keough, dies in apparent suicide

The hits keep on coming. According to several news outlets; Elvis Presley's grandson and Lisa Marie Presley's son, Benjamin Storm Keough, has died from a reported self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Lego to launch rainbow-themed LGBTQ+ set called ‘Everyone Is Awesome’ with no gender assigned...

Lego is launching a rainbow-themed LGBTQ+ set called 'Everyone Is Awesome' with no gender assigned to all but one of the figures.

$15M awarded to five people who lost eggs, embryos at fertility clinic in a...

A 2018 tank failure at the Pacific Fertility Center in San Francisco destroyed about 3,500 frozen eggs and embryos.

Florida emergency as phosphate plant pond leak threatens radioactive flood

No longer safe to be anywhere near Piney Point’, says official. Millions of gallons of wastewater contain radium and uranium.

More than 40 attorneys general urge Facebook to stop plans for an Instagram for...

Forty-four attorneys general are urging Facebook Inc. Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg to abandon plans to build a new version of photo-sharing network Instagram for young children, arguing the new app could harm kids’ mental health and compromise their privacy.

T.I. and Wife Tiny Accused of Sexual Abuse by 11 Victims, Lawyer Seeks Investigation

The couple has been accused of 'forced drugging, kidnapping, rape, and intimidation'.