Monday, August 8, 2022

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Virus knocks 80% off Atlantic City casino profits in 2020

Casinos are feeling the dry spell because of the 'rona pandemic.

Ohio police kill Black teenage girl seen threatening others with knife

A police officer shot and killed Makiah Bryant, a Black 15-year-old girl, in Columbus, Ohio, just minutes after the verdict announcement in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Standoff at Oakland Airport: Oakland Airport terminal evacuated after man with knife passes TSA...

Terminal 1 at the Oakland International Airport was closed for nearly four hours Tuesday morning after a suicidal man with a knife threatened to harm himself.

Louisiana Couple stunned after bank mistakenly deposits $50B into their account

A husband and wife from Louisiana were reportedly stunned after they did a recent check of their balance in their bank account and found a deposit of $50 billion during the weekend.

‘How much of her money is actually going to charitable causes?’ Head of NYC...

BLM co-founder branded a fraud for blowing millions on a property empire, including a $1.4m home in a white suburb in Los Angeles. Patrisse Cullors identifies as a communist & advocates for a black Marxist revolution. She now owns 4 large houses in the US.

2 Tennessee college students charged with stealing $114,000 from student groups

Mohamed Gure and Mohamed Osman are accused of stealing student activity fees while the heads of two Middle Tennessee State University student organizations.

Washington Prime Group (WPG), files for bankruptcy

Washington Prime Group (WPG), files for Chapter 11 citing the pandemic as the major cause.

Defrocked Catholic priest dies aged 80 just days before police were set to arrest...

Investigators were preparing to seek an arrest warrant for a defrocked Roman Catholic priest long considered a suspect in the 1972 killing of a western Massachusetts altar boy shortly before his death last week, a prosecutor said Monday.

Donald Trump’s Blog Permanently Shuts Down; ‘From The Desk of Donald Trump’ Where He...

Donald Trump has permanently shut down the website he used to get around his social media ban and posts his statements after just 29 days

You know Julia, Eric and Emma Roberts. Meet Rhodes!

American Horror Story actress Emma Roberts posted the first photo of her newborn baby on social media. “Thank you 2020 for getting one thing right☀️,” captioned Roberts on the snap of herself with son in arms. Rhodes, reportedly born oDecember 27, cuddles up to momma Robert’s chest.

Dramatic Dash Cam Video Goes Viral of Cash in Transit Driver With Balls of...

Dash cam footage captures the dramatic moment gun shots rattle into the side of an armored cash transport car and a chase ensues!

‘Godzilla’ shark discovered in New Mexico gets formal name

Paleontologists say they have given a more formal name to the ancient shark fossil dubbed “Godzilla Shark” after it was discovered in New Mexico in 2013.

Hundreds show up in Nebraska for fight over name Josh

A fight over the name of Josh drew a crowd from around the country to a Nebraska park Saturday for a heated pool-noodle brawl.

“Karen” demands a refund from Burger King employees even though the entire restaurant is...

There's this twitter post that's been making traction about a Burger King restaurant in a currently unknown location that caught fire. T...

German brewery pairs with bakers to use surplus beer

About 6,000 litres of the renowned copper-colored 'Altbier' of the historic Fuechschen brewery remain unsold and nearing its expiry date. The brewery now works with craft bakers who use the beer to make bread, with about twelve bakeries producing the grain bread and are giving the additional bonus of a bottle of Fuechschen's Altbier free of charge with every loaf.