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Asteroid Dust Found In Crater Closes Case Of Dinosaur Extinction

However, a new study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found evidence that suggests the mass extinction was caused by a different mechanism, which was also caused by the massive impact that created the Chicxulub crater: meteor dust.

‘How much of her money is actually going to charitable causes?’ Head of NYC...

BLM co-founder branded a fraud for blowing millions on a property empire, including a $1.4m home in a white suburb in Los Angeles. Patrisse Cullors identifies as a communist & advocates for a black Marxist revolution. She now owns 4 large houses in the US.

Italian hospital employee accused of skipping work for 15 years

A hospital employee in Italy has been accused of skipping work on full pay for 15 years, local media report.

Video shows moment a herd of wild boars ambush a woman in a supermarket...

A video shows wild boars surrounding a woman in an Italian car park and then stealing her groceries. The video, posted on social media on Thursday, shows the woman dropping her bags in defeat.

People across U.S. protest anti-Asian hate following deadly spa shootings

"We must stop hate against Asian Americans in this country," former San Antonio Mayor Julián Castro said during a Saturday rally.

NASA has captured an aerial shot of the Curiosity rover scaling Mont Mercou on...

NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) captured a dramatic image last month of Curiosity ascending Mont Mercou, a landform on the slopes of the Red Planet's 3.4-mile-high (5.5 kilometers) Mount Sharp.

Here’s Why a Florida Dog Rescue Charity Might Spell Trouble for Lara Trump

The former president's daughter-in-law is considering a Senate run in North Carolina.

Virginia cops ‘threaten to execute’ terrified mixed-race soldier during traffic stop, then pepper-spray him...

A second lieutenant in the U.S. Army is suing two Virginia police officers over a traffic stop last December where officers drew their guns, pointed them at him and referenced the Green Mile to suggest he was facing execution before pepper-spraying him and knocking him to the ground.

COVID-19 Vaccine Turns People Gay? Iranian Cleric Spins Wild Conspiracy

Iranian Cleric Spins Wild Conspiracy That The COVID-19 Vaccine Turns People Gay.

Seven ‘Love Has Won’ cult members are arrested after mummified corpse of their leader...

“Love Has Won” cult leader found mummified, wrapped in Christmas lights; 7 members charged with abuse of a corpse and child abuse

2 Dead, Multiple People Injured After Party Bus Is Shot Up in Oakland: Police

At least two shooters opened fire on a party bus driving on a San Francisco Bay Area freeway early Tuesday, killing two women and wounding at least five others, authorities said.

12-story Florida condo building partially collapses: At least 1 dead, several injured as mayor...

At least one person is dead and several others are injured after a multi-story, residential building partially collapsed in southern Florida's Miami-Dade County early Thursday morning, authorities said.

South Jersey suspected serial killer, Sean Lannon, accused of murdering ex-wife and three others...

A suspected serial killer accused of murdering his ex-wife and two others in New Mexico and bludgeoning a man to death in New Jersey has now been charged with a fifth murder of a man he allegedly enlisted to help move bins filled with his other victims' dismembered bodies.

Mysterious goat appears in Death Valley National Park. That’s bad news, rangers say

A tourist at Death Valley spotted something within the park that shouldn’t be there: a mysterious goat.

Brett Favre owes Mississippi $600,000 in speaking fees for events he never attended, officials...

The former NFL quarterback promised to repay the state after an audit released in May 2020 revealed $1.1 million had been paid to Favre’s company, Favre Enterprises
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