Friday, October 22, 2021

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Soldier with a swastika tattooed on his testicle is jailed for 19 months for...

An Austrian soldier has been jailed for 19 months after getting a swastika tattooed on his testicle.

2 women busted for trying to use a $1M bill — at a Dollar...

Who wants to be a millionaire? Tennessee’s Amanda McCormick and relative Linda Johnson sure tried, and now they’re paying for it, sort of.

Cardiff cyclist confronts moronic driver who sexually harassed her

A cyclist who confronted a man after he shouted lewd comments out of his car at her has spoken of the barrage of daily harassment faced by women.

One Reason Your Cat Loves to Sleep at the End of the Bed Is...

For those who do let their cats sleep with them, you are probably wondering why they love it so much and almost insist on it every night. Well, here are 5 reasons why your cat sleeps on your bed.

Plucky penguin escapes killer whale by flinging itself onto dinghy full of cheering tourists...

The gentoo penguin swam for its life and was greeted by a cheering section.

Man Arrested for Mugging, Assaulting Elderly Asian Lyft Driver at Gunpoint in LA County

A man accused of pistol-whipping and robbing a 67-year-old Asian Lyft driver in South El Monte, Calif., is now in custody, the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department (LASD) announced on Wednesday.

Police Had Mistaken A Man’s Penis As a Deadly Weapon During Body Search

'Is that a gun in your pocket or...' Excruciating video shows policeman mistaking man's penis for a deadly weapon during body search

Florida private school won’t allow teachers, staff to get COVID-19 vaccine

letter was sent to parents of students at Centner Academy, saying the school discourages teachers and staff from getting the COVID-19 vaccines or to wait until the end of the school year to get vaccinated.

A 20-year-old college student that blamed masked intruder has been charged with killing his...

A 20-year-old college student charged with killing his parents and younger sister in their family home in Iowa

Boulder gunman shoots up grocery store and ‘kills at least six including a cop’:...

Local reports say that six people are believed to have been killed by a shooter at a Colorado grocery store as video captured multiple people lying wounded inside and outside the supermarket.

Why Covid can play havoc with men’s love lives: Men who get infected have...

COVID-19 has been a troublemaker since it came onto the scene. You know all about the shortness of breath, fever, conjunctivitis, dizziness, delirium, fatigue and sore throat. And you’ve heard about COVID toes, hair loss, and lingering fatigue. Now, there’s the possibility the novel coronavirus may be linked to erectile dysfunction (ED), which is the inability to get and keep an erection firm enough for sexual activity.

‘It is tattered, dated, divisive and incorrect’: Singer Macy Gray has called for a...

Singer Macy Gray says it's time for the U.S. flag to be updated as it "no longer represents ALL of us."

Glittering Facts About Gold (20 PICS)

There are many interesting facts about the element gold, which is listed on the periodic table as Au. This is the only truly yellow metal on Earth, but there's a lot more to learn about gold.

Honeybee venom found to rapidly KILL aggressive breast cancer cells

Honeybee Venom has been found to rapidly kill aggressive and hard-to-treat breast cancer cells, according to potentially groundbreaking new Australian research.

Florida boy, 7, swims 1 hour to shore to get help for family after...

Brave 7-year-old 7-year-old boy swam for an hour, finally getting to shore and ultimately saving his family.