Sunday, August 7, 2022

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Pepe Le Pew Creator Chuck Jones’s Daughter Disagrees with the Character Being Canceled

Pepe Le Pew was created by legendary animator Chuck Jones, and his daughter Linda Jones is not happy about the character being canceled. She explains to TMZ that the character was never meant to be interpreted as a rape-y character, but “the times have caught up with him to make it seem that way.”

High school theater teacher, 38, pleads guilty to secretly recording students undressing with hidden...

A former Herndon High School teacher accused of taking inappropriate photos of dozens of students and possessing thousands of images of child pornography and other lewd material pleaded guilty to multiple charges in Fairfax County Circuit Court on Monday.


Now that spring is in full swing, more people will be flocking to L.A.’s many beautiful beaches. On Tuesday, April 13, the Los Angeles County Department of Beaches and Harbors will increase beach accessibility with a new access mat at the Marvin Braude Bike Trail near the Venice Boulevard beach parking lot. The mat will end in a “T” shape closer to the water’s edge. The access mat, made of a fine nylon mesh, is designed for people who use wheelchairs or may otherwise need a firmer surface to traverse the sand. The Venice Beach mat will be DBH’s eighth installation.

A Border Patrol canine sniffed out $60,000 worth of drugs stuffed inside breakfast burritos...

A K9 unit protecting the U.S.-Mexico border in Arizona discovered tens of thousands of dollars worth of drugs disguised in a bizarre way.

New Hampshire Man Who Inserted Razor Blades, Screws In Supermarket Pizza Dough Pleads Guilty

A man accused of putting razor blades and screws in pizza dough at supermarkets in Maine and New Hampshire pleaded guilty Thursday to a federal count of tampering with a consumer product.

Watch: ESPN soccer host crushed by giant TV set, miraculously avoids major injury

Watch: ESPN soccer host crushed by giant TV set, miraculously avoids major injury Carlos Orduz can hopefully laugh it off after surviving one of the most terrifying moments in live sports television history.

All eight victims of Georgia massage parlor rampage revealed: An Army veteran killed while...

All eight victims of the deadly shooting rampage targeting three Georgia massage spas had been identified by Friday and were found to include an Army veteran, a newlywed and a hardworking single mother-of-two.

One person was killed and two others were injured in a shooting at a...

A shooting outside of a Home Depot parking lot has left one man dead and sent two victims to a hospital, authorities say.

A High School Edited Yearbook Photos To HIDE Girls’ Chests. Students And Parents Are...

More than 80 women had their pictures edited without their knowledge, after they had all been told their outfits were within the guidelines laid out by the school's dress code. One student said she believes there's a double standard and pointed out members of the boys swim team were in the yearbook wearing speedos.

An Iowa man was charged for breaking into college women’s apartments and recording them...

Authorities were investigating an ongoing incident from May 2019 regarding a series of college age females who reported burglaries and trespassing on Hyland Avenue and Campus Avenue. Police said Trenton Williams 29, of Ames, didn't always take items from the homes he entered but "he stood in the victim's room while they slept and video recorded them."

BBC Wales guest goes viral after leaving VERY explicit object on the shelf behind...

A woman has suffered the ultimate background zoom error after appearing on BBC Wales Today with a very rude object placed on the shelf behind her during her interview.

Anti-Lockdown Protest Leader Tests Positive for COVID19

Let me start by saying that there's no cure for stupidity - or for stupid people in general. So today in stupid, we have Audrey Whitlock ...

Tessica ‘Gorilla Glue Girl’ Brown has launched a hair-care line INSPIRED by Gorilla Glue,...

Tessica Brown, who went viral after putting Gorilla Glue in her hair, uploaded three products to her website on Wednesday using the brand name "Forever Hair."

Miami Beach unveils curfew due to uncontrollable crowds and declares state of emergency as...

Spring breakers invading Miami Beach have become so uncontrollable that authorities imposed a curfew on Saturday and declared a state of emergency as SWAT teams were seen moving in to clear people out.

Minnesota theater cancels production of Cinderella because the cast is ‘too white’

A local Minnesota theater has canceled a production of Roger & Hammerstein's Cinderella because its cast was 'too white'.