Friday, October 22, 2021

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Gal Gadot is pregnant! The Wonder Woman star reveals she is expecting her third...

Wonder Woman status! Gal Gadot is pregnant with her third child with husband Jaron Varsano. The Wonder Woman 1984 star, 35, announced the exciting news via Instagram and Twitter on Monday, March 1.

Movie Mistakes (17 pics)

We can't believe we missed some of these.

SEX ABUSE OUTRAGE: Fury as 20 firefighters who ‘had sex with girl, 13’ are...

A top French court has ruled against upgrading the charges against three firefighters accused of having sex with a teenage girl from sexual assault to rape in a case that helped fuel efforts to set a legal age of sexual consent in France

Man Found Living In Walmart Air Ducts In West Houston, Police Say

Reports of a man found living within the air ducts at a Walmart in west Houston went viral online, sparking the question – how did he do it?

Rep. Madison Cawthorn, Totally Shredded On CNN, Admits He Has Nothing On Vote ‘Fraud’

By Mary Papenfuss·Trends Reporter, HuffPost Controversial freshman Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-N.C.) was so throughly schooled by CNN host Pamela Brown Saturday over his fact-free claims of election fraud that...

In scenes typically reserved for nightmares, thousands of spiders and snakes have inundated Australian...

Record-breaking floods in southeastern Australia have caused a mass animal exodus to higher ground, with spiders in particular surging onto people's land and into their homes.

Two dead from carbon monoxide poisoning after using car for heat in Texas storm

Houston police said the victims were a woman and a girl. Two others, including a boy, were taken to a local hospital for treatment.

‘It was insane’: Teen raped by classmate in Johnson County, Kansas says school didn’t...

A recent graduate from a Johnson County, Kansas City opens up about her being a victim of rape; and how her accusation turned the school, and the student body against her.

A rogue killer drone ‘hunted down’ a human target without being instructed to, UN...

A deadly drone "hunted down" a human target without being instructed to do so, according to a UN report.

Las Vegas mother sues midwives after baby dies during home birth

Mother sues midwives after baby dies during home birth.

Archaeologists unearth remains of 387-year-old colonial fort in Maryland

The site, known as St. Mary's Fort, was the fourth English colony established in the United States and was home to approximately 150 settlers.

Body of elderly woman, 79, who died alone from COVID was discovered eaten from...

Police found the corpse after neighbors raised the alarm because of the strong smell coming from a flat in Madrid - one officer is said to have described the scene as his worst experience on the job

Could COVID vaccine help us cure HIV and cancer? Scientists believe groundbreaking mRNA technology...

Scientists believe that the groundbreaking mRNA technology behind the COVID-19 vaccines could unlock treatments for deadly diseases, including cancer and HIV.

How Russian student’s brutal attack on Virginia landlady led her to discover he was...

A Virginia woman, who says she was brutally assaulted by her tenant in 2011, later discovered that he was the son of one of the CIA's most valuable Russian spies after she stumbled across an investment report that listed more than $16million in assets following his arrest.

San Diego police officers filmed repeatedly punching homeless man and putting him in headlock...

San Diego cops have shared bodycam footage showing a homeless man being punched by a police officer while he and his colleague arrested the vagrant for peeing in the street.