Sport coaches are either the best friend you can have, or the worst. Some will attest more to the former than to the later – and that’s no exception when it comes to Easton’s Chad Buczek. He’s a coach and owner of Metro South Gymnastics Academy in Canton, MA as he reacted with amazing speed to catch a girl performing a difficult set of flips at a competition in Tennessee when she jumped oof a vault to nearly land at a bad angle as she narrowly missed the highly stacked mats she was supposed to land on.

As you can see from the video below, it shows a little girl sprinting toward the springboard, attempting a tricky flip maneuver, then missing the mark on the vault and was about to fall to the side of a stack of tumbling mats.

Quick thinking and fast cat-like reflexes from Coach Chad Buczek saved her from injury as he jumped into action and manages to catch the girl a split-second before she would have hit the ground, hard.

The appluase you hear is unamimous, and the amzing event was caught on camera by the child’s mother who was filming her child during that moment of near-disaster.

“It was terrifying,” said mother, Justine Ramos. “I instantly broke out into a sweat.”

Coach Buczek also said on his split-second save. “Honestly, it’s just instincts, I knew it was off. And I knew I had to get in there.”

Way to go, Coach!





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