A happy ending appears to be in sight for the hundreds of ships blocked by the massive container ship in the Suez Canal — including one carrying a cargo of sex toys, according to a report.

By Yaron Steinbuch

A ship carrying 20 containers filled with sex toys will now be able to complete its delivery after becoming stuck in a traffic jam in the Suez Canal. 

The vessel carrying ‘dildos, vibrators and male masturbators’ is one of more than an estimated 400 ships waiting to pass through the canal.   

A giant container ship had been blocking the busy waterway for almost a week but was re-floated earlier on Monday, meaning that the canal will be able to reopen for shipping traffic in both ways from this evening. 

Speaking to Dutch news outlet RTV Noord, CEO of the company EDC Retail Evertine Magerman said:  ‘There are more than twenty containers full of well-running items, such as vibrators, dildos and male masturbators.

‘A lot of these products were sold for Christmas and Valentine’s Day, for example. 

‘There is now an extra lot on the way to restore stocks. But that is not possible now. 

The Ever Given container ship’s blocking of the Suez Canal has caused crippling international trade delays and caused multimillion-dollar losses.
Satellite image ©2021 Maxar Technologies

‘It is annoying that such a hitch will continue for a long time before the rhythm in the transport chain is restored.’  

EDC Retail predicted they were losing millions in revenue due to the hold-up, and had even been considering rerouting via Africa, adding an extra five to seven days to the journey.

A ship bearing about 20 containers of dildos, vibrators and male masturbators may finally continue its voyage and get the adult toys into the eager hands of frustrated customers.
Alamy Stock Photo

‘That also means higher costs, not to mention the extra risks. It’s winter in South Africa and the ocean can be rough there. And then you also have the chance of piracy. But that decision is not ours, it is up to the shipping company,’ Magerman said.  




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