An elderly Asian woman fought back against a man who randomly attacked her in  San Francisco and sent him to hospital covered in blood on a gurney.

John Bacon, USA TODAY

Xiao Zhen Xie, 76, told San Francisco’s KPIX 5 that she was standing at a crossing on Market Street on Wednesday when a 39-year-old man punched her in the face.

According to CNN, the suspect had assaulted an 83-year-old Asian man minutes earlier and was running away from a security guard.

Officers said a 39-year-old man is being investigated for the attack against Xie as well as another attack on Wednesday against an 83-year-old Asian man

Xie said she found a nearby stick to defend herself and started pummelling him.

While Xie suffered eye injuries that required hospital attention, the unidentified man was taken away on a stretcher.

Xie then tried to go for her attacker again as he was being wheeled away to an ambulance, and had to be restrained by police. 

She points the wooden plank towards the man handcuffed to the stretcher while yelling: ‘You bum, why did you bully me?’ and ‘He hit me, he hit me!’ in Cantonese. 

The aftermath of the incident was caught on camera by KPIX Sports Director Dennis O’Donnell who came upon the scene during his morning run.   

The incident comes amid a rise in hate crimes targeting Asian Americans and Asians living in the United States. 

Police said both Xie and the man were taken to hospital for treatment.




  1. He got what he deserved, attacking an elderly woman who was minding her own business at least be semi honorable and leave the elderly alone or face the consequences. This one was probably racially motivated but I also saw just a random jerk on another vodeo one time run up on an elderly white woman and sock her in the face. If I ever see that happen to someone in front of me and they will also get a beatdown to remind them there are still good people out there willing to defend the inoccent. Messed up man, really messed up.


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