Scott Kolbrenner could buy more than a few vowels with the $145,000 he won on “Wheel of Fortune” last week.

But he doesn’t plan on buying anything. Instead, he’s giving all of his winnings to charity.

By Maria Morava and Pete Burn, CNN

The California resident announced that he will donate the money, which includes the $100,000 grand prize, to two California charities — Uplift Family Services and Los Angeles Regional Food Bank.

“Wheel of Fortune” winner Scott Kolbrenner will donate his winnings to two charities, Uplift Family Services and Los Angeles Regional Food Bank.

“It’s been a dark time,” Kolbrenner told “Good Morning America” on Friday.”When I went on the show, I was doing it for the fun of it, and I said to my wife … ‘If I do OK here, anything that I get, let’s give it to charity.

We’re very fortunate. Let’s see if we can support some others who aren’t as fortunate as we are.”

Charities grateful for his donation

Kolbrenner has long sat on the board of Uplift Family Services, which helps children and their families manage and recover from trauma and related challenges. The organization shared words of gratitude after his win.

The show itself is no stranger to acts of charity.

This year, “Celebrity Wheel of Fortune” began airing on ABC on Thursdays. Celebrities of all kinds play to win up to $1 million for charities of their choice.

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