A New York woman has pleaded guilty to hiring a hitman in Ecuador to kill her ex-husband’s mother and his five-year-old daughter, in the hope that he would then spend more time with her.

By Harriet Alexander

Elsy Rodriguez-Garcia, 27, from Huntington Station on Long Island, admitted arranging the hit on Thursday.

As part of the deal, she pleaded guilty to conspiracy in the second degree, a class B felony, and will be sentenced to between two and six years in prison on April 15.

Elsy Rodriguez-Garcia, 27, plead guilty on Thursday to arranging the murder of her ex-in-laws.

Suffolk County District Attorney Timothy Sini can be seen discussing the case on Thursday
In January 2019, Rodriguez-Garcia, who worked in a pediatrician’s office, left her unnamed husband and father of one child.

Rodriguez-Garcia, who worked in a pediatrician’s office, separated from her unnamed husband, and the father of one of her children, in January 2019.

He was spending time in Ecuador and so that summer Rodriguez-Garcia concocted a plan to try and win him back.

She contacted a hit man in Ecuador, asking that he kill her ex-mother in law, and her ex-husband’s daughter from a previous relationship.

Timothy Sini, the Suffolk County district attorney, said that it was part of a warped plan to enable Rodriguez-Garcia to spend more time with him, without the distractions of his family.

Rodriguez-Garcia, he said, arranged the hits in Ecuador because she calculated she had less chance of being found out.

Rodriguez-Garcia will be sentenced to between two and six years as part of a plea deal

‘This is a shocking and disturbing case,’ Sini said.

‘The defendant’s intentions were very clear that she wanted this person murdered, and she was ready and willing to pay for it. Thankfully law enforcement was notified and able to intervene before anyone got hurt, and today’s guilty plea ensures she is held accountable.’




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