Scientists roving around Costa Rica have found a frog that looks like the muppet, Kermit The Frog!

Given the name Hyalinobatrachium dianae,, also known as Diane’s bare-hearted glass frog,, (or a Kermit frog ,due to its peculiar appearance) is a species of Costa Rican glass frog ,in the family Centrolenidae. The adorable frog ,was discovered in the Talamanca Mountains ,of Costa Rica, and described from six specimens collected in the area.

,The Kermit Frog is lime-green in color with transparent skin on its underside that allows one to view its internal organs. Its skin is uniformly colored without any noticeable light or dark variation. It ,has silvery-white irises ,with small dark spots. The species has bulging white eyes with horizontally-shaped black

,It also sort of answers exactly what species Kermit The Frog is despite the muppet being originally an imaginative approximation of a frog in muppet form. Who knew he really has a real-life counterpart!

,Nature is AWESOME! It’s sometimes scary, but it’s AWESOME!

The little guy is SO CUTE! It does sort of make me want one, though. I wonder if it sings “Rainbow Connection” when nobody else is looking.





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