By Alex Riggins

San Diego cops have shared bodycam footage showing a homeless man being punched by a police officer while he and his colleague arrested the vagrant for peeing in the street.

Jesse Evans, 34, was arrested on May 12, with video quickly appearing from a witness who recorded a portion of the arrest. San Diego PD has since released its own bodycam footage from the encounter. 

The bystander video, which was also released by San Diego PD, appeared to show an officer putting the man in a headlock before punching him repeatedly in the face after he hit the ground. Police said Evans was punched while resisting arrest.

Video of San Diego police officers punching man during arrest in La Jolla spurs protest, SDPD intern

The second officer was filmed restraining Evans, but was not shown throwing any punches. At one point, a walkie talkie seemingly belonging to the cops gets flung across the street, likely by Evans.

Throughout the video, there are sporadic moments where the police punch Evans again in the leg. By the end of the video, there are at least eight cops responding to the incident.

San Diego Police Tackle & Punch Homeless Man Allegedly Urinating in Public

In the bodycam footage released by the police on Friday, officers can be seen pursuing Evans after they allegedly saw him urinating in public around 4pm the day of his arrest, which isn’t shown on the video.

‘You can’t urinate in public, my man. People have to walk by here and watch you urinate? That’s not cool, man,’ an officer says.

After bystander video of a controversial arrest appeared, the San Diego Police Department released their own bodycam footage on Friday

After police tell Evans he can’t pee in public, he shouts ‘I’m going to p*** my pants’ and ‘Do you want me to p*** my pants?’ before yelling more and walking away.

Relax. Relax, boss,’ one officer says as Evans walks away. 

Over the course of the arrest, Evans appears to throw at least one punch at an officer

Officers decide that they’re going to further pursue the man and detain him for urinating in public.

As the struggle continues, another police officer arrives and says that he has Evans’ arm.

After being taken to the hospital for evaluation, Evans was booked on suspicion of resisting arrest, as well as battery on a police officer

One of the two officers’ body cameras were deactivated during the arrest, only filming the aftermath of the arrest after it was picked up from the ground, without audio.

It is unclear why the device stopped working.  

The bodycam footage largely does not show the repeated punches to Evans, which the witness’ footage does. 

The two officers involved in the arrest haven’t been identified, but an internal affairs investigation into the arrest is underway.

According to the San Diego Union-Tribune, the arresting officers were from the Neighborhood Policing Division, which is designed to help homeless people connect to services aimed at helping them. 




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