By Josephine Harvey· Reporter, HuffPost

An Upper East Side woman who is a tenant in Rudy Giuliani’s building found stardom online after she gave an impromptu press conference about the FBI raid on the former New York City mayor’s apartment.

Socialite Michele Herbert, 72, gave a play-by-play of her experience to the waiting press outside the building Wednesday after federal agents entered Giuliani’s Manhattan home and office. Giuliani, who was a personal lawyer for former President Donald Trump, has been under federal scrutiny and the subject of a Justice Department investigation over his business dealings with Ukraine.

‘He’s In Deep Trouble’: Giuliani Goes On Tirade Against Feds After Raid

“The funniest thing is, my ex-husband called me and said, ‘Have you seen what’s going on?’” said Herbert, who was married until 2017 to Larry Herbert, inventor of the Pantone color-matching system. “And he said, ‘No, look out your window.’”

She witnessed part of the raid and saw agents “bringing out a lot of stuff,” she told the press. Federal agents reportedly seized phones and electronic devices from the properties.

Three clips of Herbert posted by The Recount had accumulated more than a million views by Wednesday evening.

Twitter users were besotted with the woman, who was deemed a “quintessential Upper East Side witness,” a classic New York character, prime material for the likes of “Seinfeld” and “Saturday Night Live,” and just plain fabulous.




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