By Holly Tregenza and Niki Burnside /

It was almost dinner-time and friends Paul and John, who had been out gold-fossicking near Georgetown, Queensland, were finishing up for the day.

As he wandered along to meet John, Paul’s metal-detector suddenly started emitting a strong sound.

“I thought, ‘gee, that was a good signal’,” he said.

“And I couldn’t get rid of it so I started scraping away and kept getting deeper and the signal got better.”

Paul called John and asked him to come and help. The pair dug for two hours until they eventually encountered the rock.

Covered in dirt, it did not look like anything special, but they knew it had to be unusual.

“We chipped the top of the rock and I thought, ‘there’s no rock here like that … I don’t know what we’ve got here’,” Paul said.

“When we went to roll it out of the hole it was that heavy. We knew it was more than an ordinary stone.




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