By Randy Wallace / FOX 26 Houston

Source: FOX 26 Houston

To her social media followers Mikki Lynn Fox is Michaela Pink, an expert in strategic dating femininity and high value men.

Fox or Pink, if you prefer, claims she’s helped thousands of women transform themselves.

“She’s a predator and she’s a con-artist, this is what she’s been doing for many, many years,” said Marie, a woman police say was conned by Fox.

Marie says Fox stole $21,000 from her and she’s far from being alone.

“We’ve identified six additional complainants,” said Harris County Assistant DA Shelia Hansel.

Prosecutors say unsuspecting investors gave Mikki Fox, AKA Michaela Pink, thousands of dollars in a house flipping scam.

“She pitched a house flipping to him and he agreed to invest $35,000 in the house flipping investment,” Hansel said.

“I would receive a one year lender agreement and I would receive monthly payments of about 8 percent of the investment I made. Along with that, I’d receive a promissory note and a copy of the deed to sign,” said Marie.

After Marie handed over $21,000 she says Mikki Fox failed to send the promissory note.




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