A police detective in Washington state went to a suspect’s home to search for stolen car parts and found another piece of stolen property in the process: a 400-pound playground slide mounted to a child’s bunk bed.

By Frank O’Laughlin

A man is facing charges after he allegedly stole a 400-pound slide from a playground and mounted on a bunkbed in his home.

Dustin Allen Bushnell, 30, of Burbank, Washington, was arrested Tuesday on a charge of possession of stolen property, according to the Pasco Police Department.

Detective Julie Lee was investigating a series of catalytic converter thefts when evidence led her to Bushnell’s home, police said.

A police detective in Washington state found a 400-pound slide in a child’s bedroom while investigating another theft case. Photo courtesy of Pasco Police Dept.

Lee suddenly came face-to-face with the gigantic slide, which was reported stolen from the playground at Tierra Vida Park, in December 2020, as she searched the home for catalytic converters.

Police said Bushnell left most of the original playground set at the neighborhood park but took the green slide, sawed off the top,  repainted it blue, then mounted it on a bunk bed in a child’s bedroom at his mobile home.

The Pasco Parks and Recreation Department has since recovered the slide after the detective’s recent discovery. 

Catalytic converters were also found at the home but Bushnell has not yet been charged with stealing the car parts.

An investigation remains ongoing.

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