By Brendan J. Lyons /


ALBANY — An Albany landlord has been charged with kidnapping after allegedly tying up two tenants with zip ties and tape, placing pillowcases over their heads and driving them at gunpoint to a rural cemetery in Columbia County where he dumped them in the snow before dawn on Sunday, according to law enforcement sources and police records.

The landlord, 48-year-old Shawn Douglas, allegedly was armed with a firearm throughout the incident and may have received help from two other suspects, according to police records. No other arrests have been reported. The alleged kidnapping unfolded between and 1 and 8 a.m. on Sunday.

The incident began at the multi-unit Grandview Terrace residence where Douglas and his two tenants have resided in the city’s South End. Douglas, who police records indicate has been arrested previously for charges ranging from assault to violating an order of protection, has owned the residence since 2006, according to property records. The tenants were a 21-year-old woman and a 32-year-old man. They could not be reached for comment.




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