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Rare frigid weather in America’s southern states has been caused by a polar vortex.

Five people have died after ice storms, plummeting temperatures and heavy snowfall swept across a number of states not used to dealing with such conditions.

Two people were killed in Texas and two more in Kentucky – both in crashes on treacherous roads, which local officials believe were likely caused by the weather, while another died in the unusually cold conditions in Louisiana after slipping on ice and suffering a fatal head injury.Play Video – Texas dealing with coldest winter in yearsTexas dealing with coldest winter in years

The usually warmer states of central and southern America have been beset with power cuts, road closures, supermarket panic-buying ad traffic pile-ups.

President Joe Biden has declared a federal emergency in Texas, where temperatures plunged to -22C (-7.6F), compared to the usual February average of between 20C (68F) and 24C (75F).

Source: Sky News




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