Philadelphia has announced it will recognize Indigenous Peoples’ Day this year in place of Columbus Day, joining a number of cities and states across the nation that have opted to do the same in recent years.

The city announced the new move in an update it released on an initiative it formed last June that was geared toward “reform and reconciliation” amid widespread protests against police brutality and racial inequality sparked by the police killing of George Floyd.

As part of its efforts to address racial disparities and inequities, the city also said in its announcement that leaders had worked to “examine and update city holidays in relation to racial justice.”

As a result, Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney (D) signed an executive order in late January that added Indigenous Peoples’ Day to the list of the city holidays, the city said. As part of the order, the second Monday of October, which is the day federally reserved for observing Columbus Day, will instead be day recognized by the city as a day to honor the contributions and culture of Native Americans.

The move by the city makes it one of the latest in the nation to forgo celebrating Columbus Day in place of similar holidays observing the histories of indigenous people.

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