By CeCe McCartney

Have you ever wonder what your favorite silly animals from memes would look like in the real world?

Japanese artist Meetissai has your answer. Specializing in those awkward animal fails, the sculptor makes tiny figurines from viral internet moments that you are sure to recognize.

It all began when Meetissai was searching for a ‘real-life’ version of a favorite meme. Unable to find one, the artist got to work making it at home!

The cool art project has proven so popular that there is now a whole collection of funny animal memes immortalized forever in 3D form, all thanks to the creativity and imagination of Meetissai.

The artist, who did not want to disclose their real name, told the Press Association each piece takes them “about 10 days” to make, using epoxy putty and clay to craft the images into three dimensions.




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