By Brendan Morrow

The former CEO of Papa John’s is assuring the public he’s been working on not using racist language, an effort that has apparently been ongoing for nearly two years.

John Schnatter, the Papa John’s founder who in 2018 stepped down as chairman after admitting he used the N-word during a conference call, told One America News Network the pizza chain’s board has painted him “as a racist” when “they know he’s not a racist,” per Mediaite.

During the call with media agency Laundry Service, Schnatter tried to downplay his NFL remarks, saying ‘Colonel Sanders called blacks n*****s’ as he complained that the KFC founder never faced public backlash

From there, Schnatter described his “goals,” evidently including no longer saying racial slurs.

“We’ve had three goals for the last 20 months,” Schnatter said. “To get rid of this N-word in my vocabulary and dictionary and everything else, because it’s just not true, figure out how they did this, and get on with my life.”

The former pizza boss also told OANN he “used to lay in bed” after his ouster wondering “how did they do this,” and he called on Papa John’s to come out and declare that it “didn’t follow proper due diligence” and that he actually “has no history of racism.”

Schnatter founded Papa John’s in 1984 out of a broom closet in his father’s tavern, Mick’s Lounge, in Jeffersonville, Indiana. 

He now owns less than a four percent stake in the company, having began heavily offloading his 9.9 million shares beginning in May 2019.  

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