By Alessia Santoro POP SUGAR

At the onset of the pandemic, once I was home 24/7, I noticed that both of my cats quickly became more snuggly than they’d ever been before. And while they now more consistently cozy up to my husband and me while we sit on the couch and watch TV every night, their nighttime sleep habits haven’t changed – they take turns sleeping at the end of the bed and on my feet only.

Feeling greedy over getting the extra love during waking hours, I was curious as to why neither cat would choose to lay across our legs or curl up on our chests in bed like they now do on the couch.

To figure out more about my cats’ behaviors and preferences, I reached out to Erin Askeland, Animal Health and Behavior Consultant for Camp Bow Wow, and found that the various reasons are mostly based on instinct and are all kind of sweet (except for one that is just so typical cat).

“Cats may also use you simply for your heat! This may be why some cats will move to your head or body during the night and then return to the foot of the bed. As your own body’s temperature changes, your cat may move to warmer (or cooler) spots depending on their own needs.”

Emphasis on “their own needs,” amirite?!




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