By Jeff Parsons METRO

The owner Amie de Martin, from the Aklan province in the Philippines, said her dog gave birth to two puppies. While the first puppy appeared normal, the other one was malformed.

Aside from its distinct one eye, because it had no nose it could not drink milk from its mother.

The puppy who was named Cyclops couldn’t survive and died around 10 pm the next night as it could not breathe properly.

WARNING: These images may be upsetting to some people
The puppy was given the nickname ‘Cyclops’

The pet owner’s vet said the mother dog may have eaten toxins while it was pregnant which caused the puppy’s condition.

Amie said: ‘The vet said that Cyclops’ mother probably ate something toxic. But Cyclops’s mother is a menopausal puppy so that might have been another reason.

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