By Penny Burfitt

A TikTok user has left the internet with goosebumps after revealing the jaw-dropping discovery she made after feeling a breeze coming from behind the bathroom mirror in her New York City apartment.

User Samantha Hartsoe took to the popular video app to document the spine-tingling story, after she first felt the mysterious airflow, and decided to investigate.

TikTok hidden apartment bathroom mirror breeze screengrabs
Samantha first knew something was up when she felt a breeze coming from her bathroom mirror. Photo: TikTok/samanthartsoe

In the video, Samantha explains that the icy wind was swirling around the apartment despite no window or air vent being open, leading her directly to the bathroom mirror where she realised it was coming from.

Deciding to check it out, she lifted the mirror only to find a gaping hole in the wall, leading to a dark, open space beyond, with crisscrossed wires.

Where we would have replaced the mirror and run for the hills, Samantha decided to probe further, inviting two friends around to help her investigate the mystery room, documenting each step for her now-captive TikTok audience.

“I need more answers,” she says. “I have to go in and figure out what is on the other side of my bathroom.”

Woman removes bathroom mirror reveals hole to abandoned apartment
When she removed the mirror she revealed a gaping hole leading to a mysterious dark space. Photo: TikTok/samanthartsoe

Donning a head torch and a hammer for protection, Samantha climbs through the hole only to discover the empty space isn’t an attic or a break between walls, but an entire dilapidated apartment.

In the centre is an old toilet, disconnected pipes and scattered rubbish in bin bags, she even finds a bottle of shaving cream, which she hilariously calls a ‘sign of life’.

Woman climbs through bathroom mirror hole in protective gear New York apartment mystery
The New Yorker bravely dons protective gear to check out her bathroom secret portal. Photo: TikTok/ samanthartsoe

The more she explores, the more apparent it comes that the empty space is an entire apartment, seemingly in the middle of a renovation.




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