A woman who claims disgraced movie producer Harvey Weinstein tried to attack her in a Beverly Hills hotel room says she only escaped by stabbing his genitals with a broken nail and making him scream in pain.

By Jon Levine

Hayley Gripp, who works as a certified advocate for children of trauma and special needs, was only 19 at the time of the alleged 2012 attack.

In papers filed Friday in California Superior Court in Los Angeles, Gripp claims she was introduced to Weinstein after meeting a female associate of the now-jailed producer in a hotel lobby, Page Six reports.

The woman suggested Gripp meet her ‘big producer’ friend in one of the hotel rooms, the filing says.

For years aspiring actress Hayley Gripp kept the violent encounter to herself.Matthew McDermott for NY Post

‘Upon entering the suite, according to the lawsuit, the producer introduced himself as ‘Dom.’ The associate handed her a glass of wine. When Gripp said she was not 21, the associate told her, ‘It’s rude not to accept a drink from someone who feeds you and shows you hospitality’, it reports.

Gripp drank half a glass then ‘briefly blacked out’. When she came round, she says Weinstein was rubbing up against her as she was pinned to a coffee table.

Weinstein is currently serving a 23-year-sentence after he was convicted last year of raping an actress and sexually assaulting a former production assistant. Accusations first arose in 2017 dating back to 1970

‘You are so wet and tight; you are a virgin aren’t you?’ Weinstein allegedly said, adding that she should ‘pretend I’m someone like Zac Efron.’

‘Ms. Gripp did not realize Weinstein’s fingers were inside her vagina until she felt the cold metal of his watch against her skin,’ according to the papers.’

Gripp says the sex-fiend producer forced himself on her in a suite at the Beverly Hilton in 2012.

‘Weinstein then held Ms. Gripp down with one hand, took Ms. Gripp’s genital fluids, and rubbed it on his exposed genitalia, proceeding to masturbate with his other hand.’

‘To escape his hold, Ms. Gripp began flailing her arms and, in doing so, broke her acrylic nail against the coffee table,’ according to court papers. ‘Ms. Gripp then stabbed Weinstein on the bottom part of his scrotum with her sharp broken nail.’

Gripp declined to be interviewed, but court papers describe a harrowing attack and dramatic escape.
Matthew McDermott for NY Post

‘Weinstein let out a quiet scream and grabbed her hand, inadvertently causing her nail to move up and inward, deeper into his scrotum,’ the suit reads.

Gripp fled the room, but Weinstein’s female associate was outside. She told Gripp the encounter was her own fault and that Gripp – who had Tourette’s syndrome – would ‘end up in a mental hospital’ if she told anyone what had happened.

Gripp never did complain, even during Weinstein’s trial, and is not a recipient of the $17 million settlement shared among dozens of his more than 100 accusers. She also did not report the alleged crime to police at the time.




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