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The man who killed his elderly parents before opening fire and killing two North Carolina sheriffs deputies before then killing himself has been identified.

Victims, suspect identified in deadly Watauga County standoff

Isaac Alton Barnes, 32, is accused of killing his mother Michelle Annette Ligon, 61, and stepfather George Wyatt Ligon, 58, WJHL reported.

A standoff in North Carolina has now resulted in five deaths after the death of another sheriff’s deputy was announced on Thursday
(tactical van pictured from Wednesday)

He then began a 13-hour shootout with deputies from Boone County Sheriff’s Office who responded to the home in Boone for a welfare check Wednesday morning.

‘Struggling and shocked’: Couple killed in Watauga County shooting remembered by community

Two of those cops, Sgt. Chris Ward and K-9 Deputy Logan Fox, were shot and killed. A third deputy escaped uninjured. 

Isaac Alton Barnes, 32, has been identified as the shooter in the North Carolina mass shooting

After the massacre, Sheriff Len Hagaman told WRAL that people who knew Barnes had called law enforcement last weekend to warn them that he was dangerous and had ‘a lot of guns.’

Hagaman said Barnes appeared to have a plan for ‘taking people out’ but did not elaborate to the outlet what those plans were. 

George Ligon, left, was killed by his stepson Isaac Barnes on Wednesday, it has been revealed

‘They were just kind of giving us the heads-up – this is what he’s thinking about doing – and for us to be careful,’ Hagaman told the outlet.

Suspect identified in shooting that killed 4, including 2 deputies, in Watauga County

But deputies were never able to find him until he showed up to the house on Wednesday – and officials suspect he may have planned to target members of the public but was kept in the home by the officers who died.

K-9 Deputy Logan Fox died at the scene, though his death wasn’t announced until Thursday.
He is pictured right with a canine member of the sheriff’s office, which police said was also shot

‘We were trying to get him away from someplace where we could have more control over him. He just decided to take this route,’ Hagaman told WRAL.

Sgt. Chris Ward (pictured with family) was airlifted to a hospital, where he died Wednesday

‘I’m convinced now, in this situation, given the layout of the neighborhood … they did their job by keeping him in the house,’ he said, referring to the deputies who worked to contain Barnes inside his family’s home. 

Sister Sommer Barnes commented about the tragedy to WRAL on Thursday.

‘I love and miss them all so much,’ Barnes said Thursday and confirmed to the outlet that her brother, mother and stepfather were all dead.




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