An intersex dog born with both male and female genitals has successfully recovered from a rare gender reassignment surgery.

By Steven Brocklehurst

Molly, a Jack Russell terrier puppy, was taken to the vet when her owners Frank and Mary Finlay noticed she was behaving strangely when going to the toilet, sometimes lifting her leg and other times squatting to pee.

The couple bought Molly believing she was a female but became concerned about what they felt was increasingly male behavior.

Molly was born with male testicles and female genitalia

Upon examination by Glasgow vet Ross Allan, it appeared Molly had both female genitalia and male testicles – which had not descended – and a poorly-formed “vestigial” penis, BBC Scotland reports.

Mr Allan told the couple Molly’s hermaphrodite nature explained her genital discomfort.

Mr Allan told BBC Scotland’s Kaye Adams Programme Molly’s condition was “extremely rare” and that neither him nor his colleagues had come across it before.

Ross Allan, who operated on Molly the Jack Russell who was born with male and female parts
 (PetsíníVets/PA Wire)

“In the literature there have been about 15 cases published in total. In 15 years of doing this job I have seen this in Molly and in no other dog at all,” he said.

The vet operated on Molly, he removed her male genitals, and formed a functional urethral opening where the female genitalia would normally be found.

“She actually had the female external genitalia, as it were, but in the male formation,” said Mr Allan.

The vet said that without the operation, Molly’s problems would have exacerbated over time and could have developed into a debilitating condition.

Mary and Frank Finlay thought Molly was a female dog when they bought her

Nearly a year on from the operation, he said Molly had made a full recovery and was happy in her home.

“Molly is Molly and she is happy and fit and healthy, that is the main thing,” said Mr Allan.




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