Federal prosecutors have said the late Marty Tibbitts was funding a secret cocaine submarine before his death.

By Graeme Massie

The Michigan millionaire died in 2018 in a plane crash after it nosedived into a dairy farm in Wisconsin. The ordeal also killed 50 cows.

Now, three years on from his death, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has accused him of funding ‘The Torpedo’, a submarine which would have been used to transport cocaine around the globe.

The news of Tibbitts involvement came as part of federal indictment against Ylli Didani, the leader of a drug smuggling gang that transports cocaine to countries such as United States, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico and Canada.

Didani was arrested last week in Canada, the Independent reports, and has since been charged with conspiracy to distribute controlled substances and money laundering.

In the wake of his arrest, an indictment has been issued which reveals details of a man allegedly providing more than $1.8 million towards Didani’s drug ring.

The sub prototype would attach to the back of ships with magnets and then be picked up by fishermen Credit: US District Court

Supposedly the late 50-year-old millionaire first got involved with the gang in 2015. A year later, Tibbitts sent them a check for $864,000 that was eventually cashed at a pawn shop or gold exchange business.

The indictment states that, in total, Tibbitts gave Didani’s operation $1.8 million. Some of this money went towards the submarine after the pair put together over $12,000 via cryptocurrency and an Albanian bank account to have it created.

However, it’s believed these plans fell apart following Tibbitts’ death.




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