The man charged with smashing and stomping a parakeet inside an Allen Park pet store was given a $50,000 bond and has to give up his own pets as a condition of his bond.

By Jack Nissen

The video of the irate man who smashed and then stomped on the video is disturbing, to say the least. Prior to Thursday, he had not been identified. That changed when he was arraigned on animal cruelty charges – which could land him in prison if convicted.

Ali Chehade, 22, Dearborn

Ali Chehade, 22, was charged with smashing the parakeet inside the box while at Critter Pet Shop because he wanted a refund of $30. The store refused the refund because the bird had a broken wing while in Chehade’s care.

On Thursday, Chehade was ordered to be held on a $50,000 bond but can pay 10% to bond out. His attorney argued that he was a bird lover but Judge Rich Page wasn’t having that.

“He’s a bird killer allegedly. I don’t want him around any birds while this pending, any pets,” Page said.

Man caught on camera smashing bird after store won’t refund $30

Page made the order of no contact with pets part of his bond condition, which means Chehade has to give up his two birds at home.

“You can’t keep them and I’m gonna want proof that you turned them over someplace safe,” Page said.

Then the judge ordered him to undergo anger management and a psychological evaluation.

Deadly pet store attack in Allen Park

His attorney Sheldon Miller said Chehade lost control and is beside himself.

He said he’s a college student and just trying to things right – until this happened.

“He just lost it, there isn’t any question – you can see it,” Miller said. “It will come back to haunt him I’m afraid far, far more than it should be.”

During his arraignment Thursday in the 24th District Court, Chehade tried to speak when the judge interrupted him saying “you’re a bird killer allegedly.”

He was given a $50,000 bond and was ordered to take a psych evaluation.

The judge also ordered Chehade to get rid of any other birds he owns.




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