A Michigan man is accused of opening fire on a 6-year-old boy who left his bicycle in front of the man’s home.

Asha C. Gilbert USA TODAY

Ryan Le-Nguyen, 29, faces charges of assault and intent to murder in Ypsilanti Township.

Credit: Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office

Coby Daniel, 6, suffered a gunshot wound to his arm and was rushed to hospital following the Saturday incident. He’s expected to make a full recovery.

Video obtained by Fox 2 shows the boy picking up his bike outside Le-Nguyen’s house. A shot is fired, and several children start screaming and running away. One child is heard yelling, “He got shot!”

Authorities arrested Le-Nguyen. His bond was initially set at $10,000 —  an amount harshly criticized by county prosecutor Eli Savit in a Facebook video.  Prosecutors filed an emergency motion to raise the bond.

“We are glad the defendant is back in custody, to ensure the safety of the community,” Savit said. “[He] was shot in the arm, but a couple of inches over and he would be dead.”

The new bail amount is a cash bond, meaning that Le-Nguyen will need to come up with the entire $100,000 – not just 10%. He is now back in custody.




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