Miami Beach police are investigating if there are possibly more people who have victimized by a man who claimed to be a cosmetic surgeon. The latest allegation is that he performed procedures on a woman in his apartment before allegedly raping her. 

By Christian De La Rosa

Brody Amir Moazzeni, 35, is also facing charges after an altercation at a Bally’s gym with an ex-girlfriend.

Moazzeni was arrested Wednesday and charged with several felonies including sexual battery, practicing medicine without a license, drug dispensing without a license, forgery, and possession of controlled substances.

Police said that in late January, Moazenni met a woman through a mutual friend and told her he was a cosmetic surgeon.

He invited the victim to his Lincoln Road apartment where he performed various injections to areas of her face, arms and legs, according to a police report.

He also told the victim that he was a gynecologist and also performed cosmetic vaginal rejuvenations. After administering a “test” with a metal object, he told the victim she did not need the rejuvenation, according to the report.

Police stated that the victim had a reaction to the injections and Moazzeni invited her stay at the apartment overnight to allow for the swelling to subside.

The victim said Moazenni gave her an unknown drug, which made her lose her inhibitions. The victim said Moazenni then had sex with her and that it was not consensual.

An investigation into the allegations showed that Moazenni does not have a medical license in Florida.

He also obtained his rental apartment by showing income from a paystub from Mt. Sinai Medical Center as an employee, but the document was determined by investigators to be fraudulent.

A search warrant was obtained and conducted on Wednesday, March 10, where inside the apartment, detectives found various controlled substances, as well as certificates from various medical schools.

He admitted that the medical certificates on the walls of his apartment were not real and were printed from the Internet. 

Moazenni was arrested and taken into custody at his residence.

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