Terry White tried to get fellow Bank of America customers to help her when she was handcuffed after she refused to wear a mask.

By Ron Dicker

A woman arrested at a bank last week after she refused to wear a face mask cried “police brutality” as she was handcuffed ― but fellow customers responded in a chorus of “No, no it is not.” (See the bodycam arrest video below.)

Terry White, 65, who said she doesn’t believe in the coronavirus pandemic, can be seen telling a responding officer at a Galveston, Texas, Bank of America that Gov. Greg Abbott lifted mask restrictions in the state. But the cop reminds her that businesses can set their own rules and refuse service to those who don’t comply. So mask up, or leave.

As the argument escalates, the officer says: “Ma’am, listen: We can do this the easy way or the hard way.”

“What are you going to do? Arrest me?” White asks. “That’s hilarious.”

When the officer gets out his handcuffs, she appears to struggle with him. He wrestles her to the floor and cuffs her. That’s when White attempts to recruit the sympathy of other customers by yelling “police brutality right here, people.”

But all she apparently gets is a “No, no it is not” from several customers who are wearing masks. “What a bunch of sheep,” she snipes back.




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