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Let this be a lesson for all — when you assume, you make an ass outta U and ME … which applies to this woman who asked a guy with one leg why he parked in a handicap spot.

Australian social media influencer Paniora Nukunuku — who goes by @pnuks on TikTok — posted a series of videos this past week documenting his run-in with an elderly lady who apparently accosted him in a McDonald’s parking lot as he pulled into a space.


you are not the “Disability Police” ##pnuks ##amputee ##disabled @mcdonalds @mcdonaldsau ##lakemba

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Since PN has a prosthetic leg — as well as what amounts to a handicap placard on the dash of his car — he parked in a handicap space close to the building. The problem … this woman seems to have presumed he didn’t need it and was just parking wherever he wanted.

Big mistake, ’cause the guy takes the woman to task — within reason, of course. He gets out of the car and films his prosthetic, and when he finally comes face to face with her asking why she questioned if the placard was really his … it’s hilariously awkward.


Reply to @lisacameron56 can we get the camera footage @mcdonaldsau ? ##amputee ##pnuks ##lakemba ##boomer ##australia

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Moral of the story: “NEVER judge a book by its cover.”




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