A man in Iowa was arrested by police when he attempted to get revenge on his local McDonald’s after he was shafted out of sauce for his Chicken McNuggets ― but things backfired and blew up in his face instead.

Source: screenshot via KCCI8 news

In several reports, the polices arrested Robert Golwitzer Jr. from Ankeny, Iowa, on Saturday night after he allegedly threatened to blow up his local McDonald’s restaurant and punch an employee over missing condiments.

The missing condiments he was mad enough to threaten an explosive detonation? The dipping sauce that usually goes with every order of Chicken McNuggets.

Source: KCCI8 news

The authorities arrested Golwitzer around Saturday night after he made the threat. When investigators questioned the 42-year-old dipping sauce fanatic, he said he went “explosively postal” on the popular fast-food chain after discovering they got his order wrong.

Golwitzer was charged with a felony charge of making a false report of explosive or incendiary device – to which he allegedly joking replied that he meant that the “boom” he was going to make would be “explosive diarrhea” when he made the alleged threat. The prize for the aftermath of said threat was a one night stay at Polk County Jail. The man has since posted bail and left the facilities on Sunday.



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